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Every Sunday night we broadcast from 9-10PM EST with interviews from experts in the Boston area and around the league to discuss the Boston Celtics.

Tonight, Justin and Jon will be breaking down all the action of the Timberwolves/Celtics showdown.

The Celtics have been struggling.

Are you panicked?

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What's going on CLNSer's! The Breakdown with Dave & Audley are pleased to announce that they've teamed up with their friends at SLAM Magazine once again to give away another incredible SLAM Prize Pack this Sunday night!! You still have time to read our SLAM/Breakdown Trivia Challenge question (http://www.slamonline.com/online/the-magazine/contests/2011/02/the-slamnba-breakdown-trivia-challenge-is-back-2/) before we hand over the prize to the first caller with the correct answer. In addition, we'll be interviewing SLAM's, Adam Figman about the current/upcoming magazine issue plus we'll speak with a special mystery guest!So give yourself a chance to win by checking out the program at 9pm EST and be the first one to call in with correct prize.It's that easy!The Breakdown with Dave & Audley.- For hoops talk, the way it should be!


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Saturday, 23 May 2009 01:59

Mark Jackson: Change The NBA Logo?

Recently, during an NBA playoff broadcast on ESPN, color commentator Mark Jackson made the remark that the Traditional NBA Logo should be officially "changed to Michael Jordan". Usually my ears are completely numb to Jackson's voice. I find his commentating to be obnoxious, sensationalistic, dis interesting and lacking of any credibility. His player scouting and comparisons are the worst I have ever seen. He is the king of denigrating NBA legends by attempting to put them in the category of current NBA players. Those comparisons should not be made by a former player and broadcast "professional", regardless of how tempting it may be.Jackson caught my attention, however, when he recently made the remarks about removing "Mr. Clutch", Jerry West from the NBA logo. I was completely shocked by this comment. I had never heard that notion. Removing West from the NBA logo would be comparative to removing the eagle from the Presidential Seal, because it's too old. Jackson said the "The NBA needs to change the logo to Michael Jordan", implying that the current logo is outdated. West is currently placed as a silhouette in the center of the logo making it faceless and therefor timeless.The NBA Logo is so effectively branded by David Stern , why would anyone want to change it? Just when I thought that the ESPN/ABC broadcast of the Western Conference Finals could do the exceptional on court play no more disjustice, Jeff Van Gundy decided to declare Kobe Bryant "the best Laker ever"... "maybe". Maybe?Are you kidding me? Last year we had to listen to Jackson declaring Kobe better then Michael Jordan, this year we have to listen to Van Gundy declare Bryant better then Magic Johnson? Van Gundy, usually correcting Jackson in his historical comparisons, obviously gushed this latest "Kobe Comparison" without thinking. Not a shock.Truth be told, ESPN/ABC is the worst on-court broadcast team. TNT overpowers them in every category. Charles, Kenny and Ernie Johnson are like your best friends watching basketball in your basement while sipping some brews. Though they possess the comfortability of your friends, they do not lack the credibility of true professionals.I always keep my fingers crossed that TNT is showing the marquee matchup. This time of year it's luck of the draw...
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