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Call into the studio: 347-215-7771

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Careless Whispers with Calvin and Rury

Careless Whispers with Calvin and Rury

Careless Whispers is a bold and spicy show featuring flavors from the East (Matt Rury) and West (Calvin Chamberlain). They’ll be talking sports, entertainment, their failed relationships, legal entanglements, carnal desires, and anything else you might find interesting.

Tuesdays at 9PM EST on CLNS Radio.


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Whether you're looking for a pair of snowshoes, a flannel-only store or a perfect scapegoat for the failure of world peace Careless Whispers has your answers tonight starting at 9:30 PM EST! Matt Rury and Calvin Chamblerlain will discuss the NBA and pretty much anything else you feel like talking about if you cal them at 347-215-7771. If you don't call, how will you know who to blame?? (try Canada) Hosers.  Wait, can we say that?
Tonight on the highly acclaimed Careless Whispers with Calvin and Rury the gentlemenly scholars of CLNS Radio will discuss high brow topics such as why the New York Knickbockers need some new Knickers (they stink) and why the NFL is such an attention-whoraaaa can I say that? Then, you'll find out whether you should care that Rajon Rondo skipped the Celtics' game against the Kings without permission. To wrap things up, get your shoe shine ready 'cause we're gonna have a hoedown!  What?  Don't forget to call 347-215-7771 if you think your opinion matters and follow @CLNSRadio on Twitter. YOU'RE WELCOME!!
The February Fun continues!  As Matt Rury stays out of the snow, Calvin Chamberlain is staying out of the ocean and they are both here on Careless Whispers to talk to you tonight at 9 PM EST on CLNS Radio!  Now that that run-on sentence is over with, what will you hear tonight? The NBA All-star weekend has come and gone and one of our hosts predicted things noticably better than the other!  In other news, the NBA trade deadline is approaching fast.  Will the Celtics trade Rajon Rondo? Tune in tonight and call 347-215-7771 to discuss this and more!
What do you get when you cross the Olympics in Sochi with NBA All-Star Weekend? If you said Matt Rury and Calvin Chamberlain on Careless Whispers at 9 PM EST on CLNS Radio, you're correct!  (There are also countless other correct answers.) Other than the NBA and potential draft pick Marcus Smart's fracas with a fan, the guys will tackle yet another story with social implications as they discuss Missouri's SEC Defensive Player of the Year, Michael Sam and his decision to publicily announce his homosexuality as he starts the NFL draft process. Grab your favorite alcohol and call 347-215-7771 to get your voice heard on the most magnificent show you've heard in the past ten minutes!
Did Calvin Chamberlain see his shadow?  Did Matt Rury really watch the Super Bowl alone?  Are four shows in one month too much for this dynamic duo to handle?  Do the chickens have large talons? Find out the answers to these important questions and more as the Careless Whispers crew finally returns to their normal time slot on CLNS Radio tonight at 9 PM EST! The NFL season came to a close on Sunday as well.  If you watched the "big game" call 347-215-7771.    
Fresh off of an Arlington High School victory call, Matt Rury rushed back to the CLNS Radio studio for a late night edition of Careless Whispers!  Calvin Chamberlain is ready to go after a voodoo witch doctor banned him from In-N-Out Burger. Tune in tonight at 10 PM EST as the guys discuss the AFC Championship, Rajon Rondo's return and Lebron is crying again?  What else is new?  It's an action packed 60 minutes of fun! IT'S BASEBALL EVERYWHERE!  That's right, baseball talk in the winter.  Get over it. Call to voice a complaint about the hosts at 347-215-7771 or bug off.
Tonight on CLNS Radio at it's normal time...it's Careless Whispers with Calvin and Rury!  That's right, after the Boston Sports Connection warms you up and the Celtics Pregame show gets you ready for the game, Matt Rury and Calvin Chamberlain will be with you through the first hour against the Nuggets to discuss whatever they want! More specifically, the guys will touch on two NBA trades, the NFL Playoffs and celebrate the victory in the BCS National Championship Rose Bowl for the Seminoles of Florida State. F-L-O-R-I-D-A!  S-T-A-T-E!  FLORIDA STATE! FLORIDA STATE! FLORIDA STATE! WOOOOO! Tune in at 9 PM EST or you can call the guys at (347)-215-7771 and its possible that they will drop by the CelticsBlog chat room as well.
Was 2013 the best year ever?  The Tuesday night programming on CLNS Radio certainly made it seem that way! Join Calvin Chamberlain and Matt Rury to watch the balls drop at a time yet to be determined.  Matt and Calvin aim to be the final voices you hear on CLNS Radio in 2013 so help them out by tuning in to Careless Whispers to ring in 2014!  You'll be sure to hear that Rury was perfect in his NFL playoff picks while Calvin has some thoughts on just about everything in the world. What did YOU like about 2013?  Call in to tell the guys how you feel at 347-215-7771 but don't forget to press 1! These two rogues will battle for blogtalk supremacy and begin soothing your eardrums at 6 PM EST.
Come and visit the ghosts of Christmas Present tonight on Careless Whispers on CLNS Radio at 7 PM EST! That's right, even Matt Rury and Calvin Chamberlain are working on Christmas Eve.  Find out if these two have been naughty or nice!  Which one is the Grinch and which one is Scrooge? Of course the NBA is on the agenda tonight, but this time Calvin has a proposition.  Go and get your sizzurp ready because this is going to be the longest hour of your life. Bah Humbug! Call 347-215-7771 to share in the merriment.
It's time to put on your long johns!  Break out the hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps!  Tonight at 9 PM EST, come get cozy with Matt Rury and Calvin Chamblerain on Careless Whispers on CLNS Radio! Tonight, the guys take you through an hour full of mystery as they discuss things that have never been heard before. NFL, NBA, and your favorite holiday tunes will be celebrated tonight.  Join in the fun by calling 347-215-7771. Do it.  Just do it.
After a week off due to the Cetlics game and the 70th episode a week before, Matt Rury still hasn't had enough time away from CLNS Radio so he's acting like a beached whale. Knowing that, Calvin Chamberlain is salivating at the chance to lead host the latest edition of Careless Whispers!  His special guest tonight is a superstar sound byter and bubblewrap lover, Liz Ferola! Tune in tonight at a special time as Liz and Calvin warm you up for the Celtics postgame show after the Green finish up in Brooklyn. Careless Whispers is from 8:30-9:30 PM tonight so make sure you don't go to bed early and sleep through it. Call and harrass the hosts at (347)215-7771 and press 1 to get on the show.
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 00:25

Careless Whispers Returns at 9 PM EST tonight!

Tonight, Careless Whispers returns after being pre-empted by the CLNS Radio Postgame show to bring you an epic 90 minutes of sports topics ranging from Kobe Bryant to Alex Rodriguez. Plus, Matt Rury gets to gush about his new favorite quarterback!  Will Calvin Chamberlain tear him down? All of that and NFL top 5 lists tonight at 9 PM EST. Call them at (347)215-7771 is they offend you.
Wednesday, 13 November 2013 00:46

Careless Whispers Goes Wild at 9 PM EST!

Tonight on Careless Whispers there will be plenty of discussion about the first two weeks of the NBA season and what it means for the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. The guys will also get into some NFL talk and give out their top 5 teams as they do each week. Tune in on clnsradio.com or call them at 347-215-7771 to get your voice heard!
Tonight at 9 PM EST on CLNS Radio, Calvin Chamberlain and Matt Rury team up yet again to bring you the best in podcastainment when they discuss the NBA players that were not extended by their teams and what it means for the league and the Boston Celtics. Later, the guys will discuss the impact of the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito sitution down in Miami. That, and some non-sports talk?  Blasphemy! Call in at 347-215-7771 to hear this historic performance.
While the Boston Red Sox prepare for a chance to win the World Series at home for the first time in almost 100 years, Matt Rury and Calvin Chamberlain are getting you prepared for the NBA season that starts tonight! That's right, it's all NBA all night and there is nothing Mayor Menino can do about it. Tune in at 9 PM EST as the guys get you ready to break out the peach baskets and knee high white socks! Call them on their rotary telephone at (347-215-7771
The NBA preseason is coming to a close which can only mean one thing - Matt Rury has a fantasy draft before the show! Tune in to Careless Whispers at 9 PM EST as Calvin Chamberlain criticizes Matt's picks, then rants about Doc Rivers. Later, you'll find out if the New England Patriots have finally fallen out of Matt's NFL top 5 and the guys will celebrate a long awaited win for the New York Football Giants. Is baseball still being played? Call to discuss this and your favorite fish at (347)-215-7771.
Calvin Chamberlain is going to risk his drunken neighbor ruining the Dodgers game and Matt Rury is going to fight off whatever happens to him between 4 and 7 PM to bring you the Greatest Hour of Careless Whispers of All Time!! Tune in at 9 PM EST as the guys discuss baseball, football and the Dark Ages. Call the guys to save the show at 347-215-7771.
That's not the sound of a train in the distance, it's Matt Rury moaning from a hangover!  But, the show must go on.  Join Matt and Calvin Chamberlain tonight at 9 PM EST as they tell you who the best team in the NFL is, why last night's Celtics preseason opener matters.  They'll even play a new game called "What Does Calvin's Apartment Smell Like?" Give them a call at 347-215-7771 if you think you have something they want to talk to you about. Otherwise - enjoy your dessert!
    Your browser doesn't support audio. Please download the file: audio/mpeg Call in to the Studio: 347-215-7771 Show Link Most listeners of Careless Whispers know that Calvin Chamberlain is a Breaking Bad fanatic since day 1. Calvin had been telling Beats and Eats' co-host, Nick Gelso to start watching…
Calvin Chamblerlain is lost in San Andreas and Matt Rury is doing important CLNS Radio work, so Careless Whispers will not be heard tonight. Check out some of our old episodes here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search?q=careless-whispers Or listen to Sean Bakke's show twice in a row!

Show Hosts

Calvin Chamberlain
As the only non-Celtic fan functioning writer on the site, my job is to provide more of an objective look at general NBA topics.

Matt Rury
The voice of CLNS Radio's Celtics pre/post game shows. Featured columnist and CLNS on the road correspondent.

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