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Thursday, 24 April 2014 15:19

Boston Red Sox: Why Daniel Nava should not be sent down

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Daniel Nava has been optioned to AAA Pawtucket and P Alex Wilson has been called up. 

In the jump of the 2014 season for the Red Sox, right fielder Daniel Nava has had a struggling start. In 67 AB's, he has only managed to get on base a total of 16 times. Ten of which were hits, six were walks, and he has a low average of .149.    Nava's 2013 season, of course could not be forgotten or overlooked. In 458 AB's,  Nava was a major part of the team, racking in 66 RBI's and 12 home runs, with a solid .303 average throughout the year. Besides the fact that Nava clearly has potential with his near all-star season last year, he also aids in fielding very well. Already this year Nava has limited the opponents scores multiple times with outstanding plays in the outfield that took away extra bases and helped the Red Sox win. Whether Nava is used as a backup man or an everyday player, the Red Sox have witnessed his great fielding and his bat.  Every player, sooner or later has their big slump but that does not mean they'll be in it forever. For instance, Nava has already shown some improvement. In just his past five participating games he got on base a total of six times, and went on to score twice. It needs to also be taken into consideration that it's not even been a full month of baseball yet and there is still time for his bat to get on fire again. Lately, pitchers have been tending to pitch away to Nava and Xander Bogaerts and they both have been struggling in making contact with them. With a little work on that, the Red Sox will receive a huge amount of productivity.   With Shane Victorino coming back, it forces the Red Sox to send someone down. Although he’s not hitting, Nava is definitely not the guy to be sent down. Right now, in my opinion I would send down Burke Badenhop, but not permanently. The reason he should be sent down is mostly because he hasn't been pitching all to well so far this season and the Red Sox have had a great bullpen performance thus far and have many options. Badenhop can definitely contribute to the team, but out of the 25 guys on the roster right now, he would be the less needed in order to bring Victorino back to the roster. He has had just 13 innings pitched has an on-edge ERA of 4.85. Badenhop has allowed 17 hits in those innings, which is quite a few and they have managed to score about seven times.  At the moment, Nava's fielding can help out a lot since the Red Sox relief has shown such consistency for the most part. Right now, the Red Sox have seven relief pitchers. Two of those can pitch multiple innings if needed and have already done so and given the Red Sox a great advantage. As of now all but two of them have limited their earned run average, below 2.00.  To sum it all up, Nava isn't deserving to be sent down to minors and if anyone’s sent down at the moment, Badenhop would have to be the guy based on his pitching performance in this season.