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Tuesday, 01 October 2013 20:20

The Boston Sports Connection: ALDS Preview, Boston Bruins Season Kickoff & New England Patriots Go To 4-0

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The Boston Red Sox will start the 2013 American League Division Series on Friday against either the Cleveland Indians, managed by Terry Francona or division-rival Tampa Bay Rays. Host Sean Bakke will have a preview.

The Boston Bruins kickoff the 2013-2014 season on Thursday vs. the Tampa Bay Lightning, Sean will look at the new additions to the roster that should contribute to another Stanley Cup Finals run.

Finally, the New England Patriots moved to 4-0 with a convincing win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday night at the Georgia Dome. The big question is, why is Rob Gronkowski still not playing? Sean will give his opinion. 

CLNS Insider Chris Hogan will provide his thoughts on these topics as well during his Hogan Reports segment.

The show goes live at 7:30 pm EST tonight so call in with your thoughts!

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Sean Bakke

Sean Bakke is co-owner of North Station Media. Bakke is an experienced blogger and podcaster. Bakke is the Content Director at the CLNS Radio online magazine. and responsible for managing all written content as well as any related media content on CLNSRadio.com. He oversees the management of all CLNS Radio beat writing teams and their managers with regards to editorial content and promotion in order to ensure the quality and integrity of its published work. His role includes the recruitment of talented contributors who are dedicated to the same values and the continuous improvement of all CLNS Radio products.


  Sean will mentor you in how to incorporate writing into your podcast promotions. Bakke is also the Director of Sales at CLNS Radio. He will mentor you on how to monetize your production in a realistic and viable program that will not make you false promises, or give you false hope for getting rich quick in the podcast world. Bakke will plot you a realistic course thru monetizing your show with tempered, yet realistic expectations for how to monetize. Sean also happens to be the co-host of his own podcast on CLNS Radio, The Evening Score Sports Podcast.

You can download the podcast on iTunes at www.clnsradio.com/ESPiTunes OR on Stitcher below.