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Saturday, 07 September 2013 03:35

Boston Red Sox Daily Links Around The Web 9/6

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Daily Links ESPN Boston

http://espn.go.com/blog/boston/red-sox/post/_/id/30837/red-sox-playoff-watch-4 Magic number for the Sox down to 16 so be prepared for the Sox to play October 4th.

http://espn.go.com/blog/boston/red-sox/post/_/id/30836/red-sox-minor-league-leaders-for-2013 Here are the Sox' top performing Minor Leaguers. Notice guys who aren't blue chip prospects that made big impacts on their teams since they could make an impact on the big league club sometime in the future.  


http://www.weei.com/sports/boston/baseball/red-sox/alex-speier/2013/09/06/koji-ueharas-long-unassuming-path-being-best-c All I can say is I don't worry when Koji is in to pitch the ninth like a worried when Aceves had that same job.

http://fullcount.weei.com/sports/boston/baseball/red-sox/2013/09/06/red-sox-lineup-jacoby-ellsbury-out-again-david-ross-catching/ Here is the Red Sox lineup today. Yankees can't play small ball as effectively if Ross is catching so that's a plus.

http://fullcount.weei.com/sports/boston/baseball/red-sox/2013/09/06/kevin-millar-on-mm-red-sox-comeback-against-yankees-was-eerie-it-was-very-similar-to-04/ Last year, the Sox wouldn't have came back and won that game since they didn't have the personnel to get it done and then everyone would look to blame the manager.  


http://nesn.com/2013/09/report-red-sox-have-keen-interest-in-re-signing-jacoby-ellsbury/ I also have a keen interest in Jacoby Ellsbury since Bradley shows no signs of being Major League ready and is 7 for 14 in stolen base attempts in Pawtucket against AAA batteries.

http://nesn.com/2013/09/quintin-berry-makes-impact-against-yankees-shows-why-he-could-be-valuable-pickup-by-red-sox/ Here's a guy I wouldn't call a baseball player but I would want him on a postseason roster just because he's so darn fast.

http://nesn.com/2013/09/jacoby-ellsbury-not-in-lineup-for-game-against-yankees-shane-victorino-to-hit-leadoff/ With Ellsbury out today, let's hope Victorino can fill his shoes.  

Boston Globe

http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/extras/extra_bases/2013/09/nesn_adds_more_replacements_for_remy.html Looking forward to seeing Timlin and DLowe announce.

http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/extras/extra_bases/2013/09/who_is_your_red_sox_mvp.html This one's like picking a favorite child, it can't be done.

http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/extras/extra_bases/2013/09/game_143_red_sox_at_yankees.html Here's both lineups together, Sox and Yankees as well as splits vs. the starting pitchers. None of these Yankees have success off of Dubi but lots of Sox guys have success of Pettite in the past and it is fair to say he is no longer in the peak of his career so I expect a lot out of the Sox lineup tonight.