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Friday, 16 August 2013 18:57

John Lackey: "There are a lot of things I want back" from Alex Rodriguez

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Photo courtesy of NESN.com

TORONTO-- As if this Boston Red Sox- New York Yankees series was not exciting enough, Red Sox pitcher John Lackey may have added a little fuel to the fire. Speaking to the Boston Globe on Thursday, Lackey says he has a problem with the fact that that Alex Rodriguez, who hit a home run off Lackey in the pitcher’s first Major League game in 2002 , is still on the field following a 211-game suspension on August 5. Major League Baseball said at the time that it “had evidence Rodriguez used numerous forms of PEDs over multiple years.”

“I’ve got a problem with it. You bet I do,” Lackey said on Thursday. “How is he still playing? He obviously did something and he’s playing. I’m not sure that’s right . . . It’s pretty evident he’s been doing stuff for a lot of years I’ve been facing him.”

“He took me deep the first time I faced him as a rookie, and he admitted to doing stuff back then. There are a lot of things I want back from him.”

Rodriguez has appealed his punishment and in the meantime has hit .278 with one home run and four RBIs in nine contests.

  Lackey (7-10, 3.32 ERA) is scheduled to start opposite Hiroki Kuroda (11-7, 2.33 ERA) on Saturday.  The three-game series begins tonight with the first pitch slated for 7:10 PM.