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Friday, 16 August 2013 04:11

CLNS Exclusive Interview: Boston Red Sox catcher David Ross

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The Boston Red Sox maybe close to welcoming back catcher David Ross in the very near future. Ross, who is currently on a rehab assignment with the Pawtucket Red Sox spoke to CLNS Radio on Thursday before their game vs. Louisville Bats at McCoy Stadium about how his rehab is going so far.


CLNS Radio: How is your progress going so far in your attempt to come back from your concussion?

David Ross:Things are real good. Everything feels back to normal. I am getting back in baseball shape and I caught seven innings yesterday. Had no problems and I am seeing the ball well, working on my swing but saw the ball really well. My timing is getting there and I feel a lot better. Just anxious to get back with the guys.


Q: Any word on when you may be revaluated again and be activated?

A: Hopefully after this weekend is what we are shooting for but there is no sure thing but hopefully I am going to meet the team in San Francisco.  That is the plan if everything goes well.


Q: Is this the first concussion you ever have had before?

A: No, I had one where I got ran over in 2006 in Cincinnati. That one was totally different and was a loss of memory thing. This one is way different but it’s one of those things you don’t want anyone to go through. It’s definitely eye opening about how serious the injury is. I have different perspective now on concussions and guys who have had concussions or dealing with concussions. It’s a much more serious thing that I give it credit for to be honest. Now I know and I am getting better and know what it feels like.


Q: What was it like for you right after sustaining the concussion?

A: I never had a problem sleeping although most people do. My problems came with motion like riding in the car, busy places by going out to lunch. I was at a firehouse one day and it got crowded around lunch time and I was like I have to get out of here. I started feeling queasy, getting annoyed. Loud noises and bright lights, a lot of eye stimulation that you don’t realize that you do everyday would mess me up pretty good.


Q: How long did those symptoms last?

A: Probably about two weeks. I just stayed at home in Tallahassee, Florida and didn’t get out too much. Then things started getting better and feeling normal and then starting exposing myself to those kinds of environments. I had good days and bad days. The good days started outweighing the bad and that’s how I knew I was getting better.


Q: How do you think your season has gone overall so far?

A: I got hot there for awhile. I didn’t feel good at the plate especially after I came back from that first concussion this year. I didn’t think I was right because my mechanics were off and I wasn’t seeing the ball like I was suppose too. Part of that was that I wasn’t swinging that bat well and wasn’t on time by also trying to make adjustments on the fly when my vision wasn’t working. I definitely think I will be able contribute more than I did but I know I was contributing decently behind the plate and that’s what I want to get back to doing.


Q: Since you have been away from the Red Sox, what has impressed you the most about them?

A: The resiliency they have. These guys don’t quit and they don’t give up. Then they turn the page and today they will come in and say everyday is a new day. There is no residual effect of the day before win or lose.


Q: How do you think Ryan Lavarnway has filled in for you since you went on the disabled list?

A: I think everyone has done well. I haven’t watch Rhino specifically since I have just been watching the team. I don’t watch every inning because it actually drives me crazy actually to watch the game and not be able to play. Lavarnway has done great and is a good promising young catcher with a great bat. I think him and Salty have been doing a great job.


Q: What your goals for rest of season?

A: I want to win the World Series and be a part of that. Winning games is my goal. When I play that game, I want to win that day. That is all I care about.