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Tuesday, 23 July 2013 00:43

Boston Red Sox News From Around the Web: Daily Links for Monday, 7/22

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Boston Red Sox Daily Links  

WEEI: http://fullcount.weei.com/sports/boston/baseball/red-sox/2013/07/22/flashback-why-clay-buchholz-offers-a-silver-lining-to-allen-webster/ Allen Webster got knocked out of his last appearance in AAA in the second inning, but he isn't the only prospect the Sox have had that has had some issues.

http://fullcount.weei.com/sports/boston/baseball/red-sox/2013/07/21/clay-buchholz-to-visit-dr-james-andrews-monday/ Today Buchholz is going to see if he needs TJ surgery or season ending surgery of any sort. The way his progression has been going to get back from injury he might need it.  

ESPN Boston: http://espn.go.com/blog/boston/red-sox/post/_/id/29298/olney-sox-looking-at-adding-pitching-help Buster Olney says he thinks the Sox need some help in the rotation and the bullpen. Hopefully they don't overpay."

http://espn.go.com/blog/boston/red-sox/post/_/id/29281/workman-set-for-monday-victorino-back Brandon Workman had a nice outing last time he was on the hill, let's hope he can repeat those results tonight.  

NESN: http://nesn.com/2013/07/report-red-sox-tigers-scouting-brewers-reliever-francisco-rodriguez/ K-Rod as people call him has an ERA of 1.09 this season in 25 games and has been known to be able to close out games, even in the AL.

http://nesn.com/2013/07/report-red-sox-interest-in-matt-garza-a-little-deeper-than-originally-believed/ If the Sox want Garza they should use the strategy where they trade away prospects with definite flaws that could easily become busts (a few years back Lars Anderson would've came to mind).  

Boston Globe: http://www.boston.com/blogs/sports/columnists/kaufman/2013/07/red_sox_assistant_gm_mike_hazen_trade_aggressive.html

Coming from the front office itself, the Sox aren't going to sit back and let other teams make all the headlines come July 31st.

http://www.boston.com/sports/blogs/obnoxiousbostonfan/2013/07/_pay_the_man_red_sox_pedroia_yankees.html Since it is fair to say Pedey is the best second baseman the Sox could get why not just keep him. I have to disagree with the part about Bobby V later in the article since many key Sox players faced injuries last season and the replacements were weak.