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Wednesday, 03 July 2013 19:08

Shane Victorino's Play Is Paying Off

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Were you one of the Boston Red Sox fans that detested the signing of Shane Victorino? Were you one of those people who thought the Red Sox overpaid for him, or he was past his prime and could no longer provide a good bat and excellent defense in the outfield? If you were, then you were absolutely wrong.

The Red Sox are 85 games into the 2013 season and Victorino is having one of his better seasons in the major leagues. The outfielder is hitting .286, with a .335 on-base percentage and an OPS of .721. Victornio, along with centerfield Jacoby Ellsbury have provided the Red Sox with a great one-two lineup at the top of the order. Victorino's offense is hardly his best access.

Victorino has one of the best gloves the major leagues. He has a .991 fielding percentage and he is the American League leader among right fielders in the Defensive Wins Above Replacement Player category, with a 1.2 rating. His incredible range in right field has won games for the Red Sox and made it easier for Ellsbury in center.

In addition to his range and glove, Victorino boasts one of the best arms in the game, which has held base runners back from taking the extra bases during games.  According to Fangraphs' sabermetrics system, Victorino has been the best defensive outfielder in all of baseball this season.

Many thought Victornio was past his prime after his poor 2012, but he's proving all the naysayers incorrect. We are more than halfway through the 2013 season, but Victorino has proven he has been one of the most important players for the Boston Red Sox this season.