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Wednesday, 14 June 2017 21:05

Aaron Judge Frustrates Me As A Red Sox Fan

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Well, I know what you are thinking. Of course Aaron Judge frustrates you as a Red Sox fan! He’s a Yankee and he’s young and very, very good. He’ll probably be killing Boston for years! Yes, that is one reason that Aaron Judge frustrates me, but the biggest reason is because he is likeable.

The other day, I heard someone compare Judge to Rob Gronkowski and I couldn’t believe it because it made so much sense. He’s a larger than life, cartoon character of a human who has crazy power and moves well for his size. He’s also got an awesome name and has already become a huge fan favorite. From everything I’ve seen from him, he seems down to earth and really cool. I hate it. Yankees are not supposed to be this fun to watch and this appealing. 

But yea, I hate that he’ll be around for a long time and mashing homeruns against the Red Sox. I hate that he’s not only going to steal the American League Rookie of the Year from Andrew Benintendi, but he’ll also probably win the MVP. It stinks and I want so badly to despise him but I can’t. 

The last reason that Judge frustrates me is because the Red Sox had the opportunity to draft him but missed and took Trey Ball. Yea, the Trey Ball that stinks in the minors and will probably never pan out. Of course, it’s hard to hate on a team for missing a guy in a draft because hindsight is 20/20, but still it’s frustrating. I wish Aaron Judge was in Boston, or at least not in the Bronx.

Jake Archer

Jake is a contributor to the CLNS Red Sox beat team. He is passionate about baseball, basketball, football and golf, but can get interested in almost anything competitive. Jake has a lot of strong opinions and will share them through his writing and podcasting. You can also follow him on Twitter @jarcher04 but please be advised, his takes can get hot.