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Tuesday, 09 May 2017 20:33

I Have A Lot Of Red Sox Thoughts, So Get Ready

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My name is Jake Archer and I am the newest member of the CLNS Media Red Sox Beat Team. Before I dive in and start writing and recording, I wanted to just put out a quick post to introduce myself and give everyone a heads up. I’m a big time baseball fan, with quite a few opinions and thoughts that I will most definitely be sharing.

Just to give you a small look into my current state of mind regarding the hometown team, I thought I’d go over five general thoughts I have about them today on May 9th. Some of these may be things I’m thinking about just right now and some may pertain to the season as a whole. Anyway, here’s what I have.


5. Travis Shaw was never the answer at third base, so wishing we still had him is kind of ridiculous. The position is a huge problem right now, but I don’t think there is a long-term fix that is coming in the near future. For now, we’ll have to sit tight with Rutledge, Marrero, Hernandez or Holt and just hope to God that this black hole doesn’t sink the team.


4. There are two things that I really can’t believe right now. I can’t believe that Sandy Leon is still good and didn’t regress back to a no-name catcher and I also can’t believe that Andrew Benintendi is living up to the hype. I thought for sure that the expectations for Benintendi were way too high and that we were due for some disappointment there. For now, he looks fantastic.


3. Eduardo Rodriguez needs to go deeper into games. It’s nitpicky, but this has been bothering me lately despite the fact that he’s pitched rather well. I don’t like that he won’t go past the sixth inning and I need to see him want the ball more.


2. Chris Sale is not of this world. I knew he was great in Chicago, but admittedly I did not watch him as much as I would have liked. He’s been everything that I could have asked for and more. It’s crazy, but even if Yoan Moncada becomes the second coming of Mike Trout I still will feel the trade made sense.


1. This Red Sox team is not a World Series winner in my eyes. Before the season, I predicted that they would win the American League East, beat the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS, face the New York Yankees in the ALCS for the first time since 2004 and then fall to the Dodgers in a dramatic Fall Classic. I still like my picks as I sit here today.


So those are my main Red Sox thoughts at this very moment and my season prediction. I’m sorry if the last point discourages you, but I try to remain a realist despite my allegiance to the team. Anyway, I hope to provide you with some great content both audio and written moving forward. I also hope that you’ll follow me on Twitter @jarcher04 and you’ll deal with/enjoy my constant reactions to baseball games. Thanks for reading, and I’ll be talking to you again soon.

Jake Archer

Jake is a contributor to the CLNS Red Sox beat team. He is passionate about baseball, basketball, football and golf, but can get interested in almost anything competitive. Jake has a lot of strong opinions and will share them through his writing and podcasting. You can also follow him on Twitter @jarcher04 but please be advised, his takes can get hot.