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Saturday, 11 March 2017 00:02

Dear David Price, Just Shut Up Already!

Written by 

This is a letter to starting pitcher David Price from one of his few Red Sox fans left.

Dear Mr. Price,

You are making it extremely difficult to be a fan of yours.  Unlike your assumption of most of the fan base here in Boston, I actually really want to like you.  I had your back throughout your up-and-down 2016 season, attributing it to adjusting to the atmosphere of your new team.  I kept calling you the ace of the staff even though your teammate had a career season and won the Cy Young Award.  I laughed off all your sarcastic Twitter comments/replies, and always defended you when you kept remarking that you just weren’t good enough after a bunch of your starts (even though your manager felt otherwise sometimes).

I was pretty excited when the Red Sox signed you, and I didn’t scoff at your preposterous contract because that’s what star pitchers get on the open market in baseball.  Your track record in your career was proof that you deserved the money, and I still believe that if you are 100% healthy you can compete with any starter on this team or in the American League. 

People think that I am insane for thinking that you are an ace on this staff, but I didn’t think you pitched that poorly in Boston last season.  And I could really care less about all the playoff garbage that surrounds you.  There are other really good pitchers in the sport that have sub-par records in the postseason, and there are some okay pitchers that seem to excel in high pressure spots.  I’m not sure why everyone is so fixated on your playoff record with other teams, since they should only care about the one loss you had in Game 2 (and I thought you didn’t pitch that badly in that game).

It should be pretty evident that I’m a pretty big fan of yours.  But you’re making it increasingly hard/borderline impossible to like you right now when you say the things you keep saying this spring.

With all due respect Mr. Price, you need to shut up.

Just stop talking, stop tweeting, stop doing interviews, just stop. 

I know you don’t think you should have to change, and you don’t think you should stop doing what you want to in your spare time, but you’re not doing yourself any favors and you’re making yourself look like a total dickhead every time you speak or tweet. 

That article in the Boston Globe this week was the icing on the cake for me, because you insulted my intelligence in it.  According to you, I could care less about you and just want you to perform on the field.  I don’t care if you’re a good person, if you gave your teammates Jordan’s as a gift, or if you’ve hung out with sick kids in your spare time.  According to you, you could be the biggest asshole on the planet but if you win a playoff game for my Red Sox all will be forgiven.

I hate to tell you this David, but I know way more about you than you think I do.  And it wasn’t just because I actually read the whole article, which had a lot of personal info about you in it. 

(But really, how can you say no one knows anything about you after you just answered like 15 personal questions?  You’re insulting my intelligence and yet you sound pretty dumb yourself David.)

I’ve actually looked through your Twitter – and laughed when you told people off – and noticed your charity work, your love of J’s, and where you spend your vacation time (you know that place you went that you couldn’t lose a playoff game at?).  I did that because I actually wanted to see if you were a good guy or not.  I’m not saying that I would definitely hate your guts if you were a jerk off the field, but I’d have a lot less respect for you and wouldn’t even try to defend you if you didn’t at least seem like an okay person.

So to recap, I am a Red Sox fan from the area… I knew some stuff about you… and I actually care whether you’re an asshole or not.  Boy you’re batting 1.000 in that article huh?  Which is about what hitters bat against you in the playoffs right?

I would apologize for that comment, but you should be used to seeing that, since every one of your tweets get about 1,000 responses that are pretty similar from people with keyboard courage.  And it was pretty funny seeing you respond to some of those idiots the first few times you did it.  But now it’s getting really old, and it makes you look like you need to spend some of that $217 million on a therapist.

I’m not a therapist by any means, but I can give you some free advice.  Instead of worrying about how much the fans or the writers know about you, worry about how you’ll make the team better.  Instead of talking about yourself 24/7/365, talk about your teammates or your dog Astro. 

In fact, you know why us Sox fans love your doggie (other than because he’s cute)?  It’s because he never says a word and just looks like he loves being on the field.  Maybe you should take a page out of his book.  Because right now you look like a miserable prick both on and off the field.  And trust me I know what that looks like… I’ve been called it myself plenty of times. 

You may be the nicest guy on the team or even in the game of baseball, but you need to understand that winning on the field won’t win us all over.  We don’t care solely about winning, and some of the most beloved athletes in Boston weren’t the most dominant ones.  If you want to see one of our favorite athletes, just go to a Celtics game and find the tall, goofy redhead that is going commentary.  He was only here a few seasons, rarely played that many minutes, and yet we still love him to this day.  Maybe you should pay Big Scal to give you therapy instead of an actual professional.

Winning a playoff game or two would make you more loved here in Boston, but it won’t change the fact that you seem more and more like you don’t actually care about Boston with every passing minute.  Some of us fans, like me, will still root for you because we don’t know any better and won’t root against someone wearing a Sox jersey.  But that number is rapidly dwindling, and at the rate you’re going right now, your fans may end up amounting to your playoff wins.


I hope your elbow is totally healed and you can finally pitch to your potential this season.  Because we are sick of hearing you bitch and complain about everything. 

Grow up man.

From your last remaining fan,

Adam Belue

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Adam Belue

My name is Adam Belue, I'm from Fall River, MA, and I'm a sports fanatic.  I'll watch and write about just about any and every sport, even the fringe ones that aren't really sports like bowling, poker, and ultimate frisbee.  I'm a huge Green Bay Packers fan, and a self-proclaimed New England Patriots hater (and proud of it!)... which makes my job in a sporting goods store quite interesting.  I'm a big fan of the other local teams (Bruins, Red Sox, and Celtics), along with the Alabama Crimson Tide and college football as a whole.  I may be a bit obsessed (or a lot obsessed) with Taylor Swift, and I've seen her in concert four times so far... some of the best times I've had by the way her concerts are quite the experience!  I'm also a huge tennis fan, and have played the sport for a good majority of my life.  I wish more people watched and appreciated tennis.  I'm currently a part of the Boston Bruins and Boston Red Sox Beat Team on CLNS Radio, and post a weekly fantasy football and college football column during the season.