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Friday, 30 December 2016 02:49

Political Differences Losing Curt Schilling HOF Votes Is Despicable

Written by 
Curt Schilling Mobbed By Press Curt Schilling Mobbed By Press Boston Magazine

As a baseball writer, if you do not include Curt Schilling onto your ballot due to a difference in political beliefs, you are not doing your job with that vote. 

Through 2016, it became immensely clear that a thick, wall-like line had been drawn between the two major parties in our American political system. Members of each party had grown to be more extreme than ever, and the thought of agreeing with the opposing group had escalated to becoming a nearly impossible task. Stereotypes have officially been formed, and thought to be true. And honestly, until we grow up as a society, it will remain this way.

One person whom this has affected strongly is Curt Schilling. Schilling is one of the greatest, if not the greatest postseason pitcher of all time, with some substantially strong regular season numbers to back up his career as well. Sadly though, as it stands and from what I have read, it seems as though for another year, Schilling will be missing out on making the hall of fame once more. Why is that?

Although some of it can be due to their own personal, professional opinions on Schilling’s pitching career, there are too some who will not vote him in due to his political beliefs as well as Twitter persona. One of these writers who holds a potential ticket to Schilling’s ride to Cooperstown is Dan Shaughnessy.

Before we delve into Shaughnessy, let’s talk about some things with Curt. Curt is a right-wing republican and he has absolutely no quarrels with hiding that. He tweets what he pleases and welcomes the political debate through social media platform, and even radio as he is heard relatively frequently on WEEI. Does he take it a little over board here and there? Yes, absolutely. Now I understand that he has the right to speak whatever he pleases whenever he pleases. That is one of the many things that make America one of the greatest places on the planet. But what some people need to understand is hey; he isn’t just your average Joe Shmoe on the street whose opinions are just brushed to the side like some garbage on the sidewalk. He is a public figure who must learn to read the room.

Am I saying it is right that he must sensor himself? No, absolutely not. I think it is pathetic that the world we live in today is so soft. I am now literally watching refs in NHL games pull Adam McQuaid off of opposing defenseman to prevent any fights. Are we serious, America?

But Schilling does need to read the room in the sense that some things he says can definitely be misconstrued as hateful or you know, disrespectful. For example, the infamous tweet of a man’s shirt that read, “Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some Assembly Required.” Ah, tasteful. This is probably not the best campaign to sway these baseball, journalists, to vote you into the hall of fame. He quickly removed this post.

He has too been known to post images about extremist Muslims, liberals, transsexuals, the whole nine.

Now back to Dan Shaughnessy. First off, I can’t stand the guy. But that is kind of his angle so congrats to him, he has successfully made most of New England hate his guts due to his pessimistic, sadistic columns about our local sports franchises. I’m sure the phrase, “Tomato can division”, strikes a cord? That’s our guy, Shank.

However, the reason I bring him up is not to discuss his view on our sports teams, Tom Brady’s success or debate his thoughts on Papi’s retirement tour. But instead, I want to discuss his stance on voting for Schilling into the hall of fame.

Shaughnessy admits that in recent years, he has voted for Schilling to enter the hall, and rightfully so. Depending on whom you ask, he deserves to be there. But after Schilling’s post highlighting the lynching of journalists, DS is out on Schilling and he will no longer be giving him his vote stating that he will now “invoke the character clause.”

Is this right? Is it okay to not vote someone into the hall of fame because you disagree with his or her political views or ways in which they express those views? Now, I slightly understand his thought process after Schilling’s post about the journalist lynching being that after all, DS is a journalist.

Although it may have been a crass, insensitive, and frankly idiotic post on Schilling’s end, I do not think that should nix him from being included into the half of fame.

Cooperstown was created for one thing. That one thing was to showcase and immortalize the greatest baseball players who have ever lived. It is a museum to show the true greats of the game and to put them on display for generations to come. If you want to tell the story of baseball, one of the greatest games ever played. The fairy tale endings. The David vs Goliath stories. Then you must include the greatest postseason pitcher of all time, Curt Schilling. It is undeniable what he was able to do during his time through his 19 year career and it is a shame that he may be excluded due to a disagreement in politics or worse, Facebook posts.

Now if you do not vote him in because you genuinely do not believe that he does not deserve to be in the hall then fine, that is your opinion as a professional baseball writer. But do not let your caddy, self-righteous attitude sway your decision just because you do not like the guy personally.

I want you to look at his career numbers and then give me a detailed outline as to why his career was not statistically strong enough to allow him to enter the pearly gates of immortalization. And if you can do that, then fine by me. But if you are keeping him out because he was mean to you and your friends on Twitter and Facebook then you are not doing your job with that vote.

You are handed that vote as a writer to enter in the 10 names that you believe changed the game of baseball in some way and made their mark. His sock is already in there for Pete sakes! Speaking of another guy who should be in there…

Curt Schilling is one of the most deserving members on the voting ballot who should enter the hall. Maybe he isn’t a first ballot player, but as he was a leader, a post season warrior, and an overall top of the line arm, I think he should have been in there on his first try personally.

And by the way, I am a liberal from Massachusetts writing this. I can’t stand the man’s politics and for the most part I find a majority of them to be deplorable. But if I were able to cast a vote, and who knows, maybe I will some day. But if I could right now, I would vote him in. Barring any murders or so, that is kind of my deal breaker.

Curt Schilling, thank you for the bloody sock game, and breaking the curse of the Bambino. Despite your republican views in a land of liberals, you will always be a hero in Boston.


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Nick Quaglia

Nick is a contributer to the CLNS Red Sox beat team. He is a opinion piece writer who also breaks down games as well as previewing them. You can hear him fill in for some of the CLNS Red Sox Beat Podcasts when needed. 

Nick also owns and operates his own sports blog called CouchGuySports.com where he and a collection of other writers discuss all of the hottest news in sports from Chicago, Boston and New York. 

Previously, he was an intern for WEEI Sports Radio Network's, "The Dale & Holley Show featuring Jerry Thornton". Here, he also was and still is one of the cohosts for WEEI.com's "Teeing Off" golf podcast. 

Sports radio has been apart of Nick's life for the past four years as he has cohosted WDJM 91.3 FM Ram Radio's, "The Sports Huddle" as well as "Draft Day". 

He is a recent, 2016 graduate from Framingham State University with a degree in Communication Arts. 

Nick's a big time Sox fan and passionate for the team. Let's go Sox!

Check him out on Twitter @NickQuag!