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Saturday, 30 August 2014 02:36

Anthony Ranaudo Named International League Most Valuable Pitcher

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The Boston Red Sox farm system is racking up the awards this week.

Anthony Ranaudo was named the International League Most Valuable Pitcher earlier this week for his stellar play with the Pawtucket Red Sox this season.  Ranaudo is the second Red Sox pitcher to receive minor league accolades, as Henry Owens picked up the Eastern League Pitcher of the Year award on Thursday, an award that Ranaudo achieved last season.

Ranaudo parlayed a terrific year in Pawtucket to a promotion this August, picking up wins in his first two major league starts.  He led the International League in wins with 14 and in batting average against at .223.  He was second in ERA in the International League, but with league-leader Liam Hendriks being traded to the Pacific Coast League and not having enough innings pitched to qualify for the year-end title, Ranaudo's 2.61 ERA will take the crown as well. 

Ranaudo is currently the fifth-best prospect in the Red Sox system, with MLB.com ranking him #78 in their Top 100 Prospects list.  He has an above average fastball and curveball, with the fastball topping off at 96 mph at times.  He was a supplemental first-round pick in 2010, and the 24-year-old is projected to be a part of the Boston rotation at the start of the 2015 season (barring an offseason trade).

Adam Belue

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