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Monday, 07 December 2015 02:35

NBA 4 Life 109 (Monday, 9:30pm Eastern)

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We review the week in what’s been a fun and exciting start to the 2015-16 season.  Lots of Warriors talk with some angles you might not have thought of - including: 

The Warriors  - just how far can they go?  Could Luke Walton be coach of the year?  This is a weird situation… more than you might know.  Should Steve Kerr just stay away?  Curry vs Lebron - how do they compare this season or any individual year

and then…

Durant or Westbrook… are we still sure who the better player is?  Can the Bulls beat out the Cavs for the # 1 spot - for the year? We evaluate the league leaders - and an interesting giant performer in detroit. Oh, and who are the bad boys in the league this year? 

All this and more on this installment of NBA4Life.

Patrick Doohan

Patrick Doohan is a true internet radio pioneer. Starting with the Fancast Network in the 90's, Patrick has been on Shoutcast, BlogTalk, and Ustream for many hours. While Patrick may not necessarily be an expert on any given subject matter, he has the uncanny ability to push through his lack of knowledge with his ability to ramble and fill dead air. Patrick is the owner/operator ofTalkRadioInsiders.com and co-owns the NBA 4 Life Facebook Group with his radio-partner Awall. His interests include: -Basketball -Football -Golf -Internet Marketing -Consumer Technology Patrick believes in keeping his content "family-friendly", and so his podcasts, websites are normally safe for "kids of all ages".