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Wednesday, 05 June 2013 17:21

Jason Terry rehabbing from knee surgery

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Celtics shooting guard Jason Terry had an arthoscopic procedure to remove the plica from his left knee, Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald reported Tuesday.

The plica, apparently, is a fold in the lining of the knee joint and can cause pain when irritated by overuse. According to the good folks at Orthogate.org, there are no known problems with no having a plica and recovery from surgery is largely a matter of strengthening surrounding muscles and reducing swelling.

In other words – a minor procedure that with no lingering effects and a short recovery period.

"I saw him today, and he looked great," Celtics president Danny Ainge told the Herald on Tuesday. "He's doing really well."

As for whether Terry’s plica inflammation may have affected his late-season performance, Ainge simply responded, "I'm sure it was bothering him."

Terry tweeted this photo on Tuesday, showing him recovering at the Celtics practice facility on what appears to be an anti-gravity treadmill.

Jason Terry rehab copy

Murphy also noted that Celtics guard Terrence Williams recently had an injection to relieve tendinitis in one of his knees.