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Wednesday, 25 June 2014 02:10

Celtics willing to trade up... say it isn't so!

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The Celtics could be looking to give up their two first round pick for the first overall pick... and to me it's a bad choice...

In a setting like the one leading up to the NBA Draft, where signals are put up more for decoy than for reality, where smoke screens are part of the plot, do not believe most that you read and when you find something you believe, do not trust it entirely. Reality is that until the teams pick on Thursday night you really do not know what they will do.

When it comes to the Boston Celtics, who did not fare well in their first season under new head coach Brad Stevens, the messages have been plenty. From giving up both of their top picks, along with other players, to make a deal for Kevin Love, to looking at getting Joel Embiid once his stress fracture on his foot made it so he would definitely slide down from the top spot, to now looking to give up both of their first round picks to move up to first overall pick.

If the Boston franchise was able to get the top overall pick they go for either Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker, both small forwards and without Embiid in the mix, the best two players in the draft. From an article from CNNSE it is reported that if the Celtics got this pick they would take Wiggins over Parker.

While I would agree with the Bean Town front office to go with Wiggins, as his potential is a lot better than his counterpart, I do not agree to go after either of the forwards giving up the number six and seventeen pick in return. To me this is not a great draft, but it is a deep one, and I feel that those two picks could get quality players. Maybe not super stars, maybe not All-Stars, but good players that can easily be in the Association for a decade if not more.

Reality being, if someone is willing to take a chance on the former Jayhawk center, a franchise could easily be getting a better player out of the Top 5 than they could beforehand. That alone makes this move by Danny Ainge seem a bit outstretched. On the other hand, this could be a way of telling the Timberwolves, who seem to want the world and then some for Kevin Love, that if they are not going to come down to reality the Celtics are ready to move on. As I said at the beginning, so much that goes on now is more smoke screen and decoys than it is what the teams are truly looking to do.

In the end come Thursday night, where you could join Nick Gelso and Ty Ray at their NBA Draft party at the Renaissance Hotel in Boston, we will know what the Celtics and all the other franchises do. Until then it is just guesstimating coming from what could be good information or just smoke screens.