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Tuesday, 24 June 2014 14:39

LeBron James opts out... good for him

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This offseason LeBron James has a ton of options and he would have been foolish not to explore them...

From many different sport main stream media outlets, including Eye on Basketball of CBS, comes news that LeBron James' agent, Rich Paul, has told the Miami Heat that his client will exercise his option and become a free agent this summer. And I say... “good for LeBron!”

If this is a move to shake up the South Beach franchise, it’s the best way to do it, as I doubt neither Pat Riley nor anyone else wants to lose the best player in the NBA because they could not bring in help. Anyone that watched the NBA Finals saw that the Heat might have been the best team in the Eastern Conference, but were definitely not the best team in the Association. Anyone that followed the regular season knows that Dwayne Wade missed a ton of games. All of this says one thing: LBJ needs help, and stirring it up by opting out is probably the best way of getting some.

If this is a move to go elsewhere, to be more of a contender, why not do it and see what the next franchise has to offer? The haters will say “if James does this he will show that he just goes where he can win”. On the other hand, if he stays in Miami and gets more help it will be the same thing… “he only stayed cause he got help”. So at the end of the line LeBron staying or going is not going to change the mind of those who don’t like him.

As I told to anyone when it comes to players wanting to move on, if I was able to improve myself in anything why would I not do it, but for players that seems to be a sin of sort. Let me add this to the mix... I was blogging in other places, I came back to CLNSRadio cause it was my best option. Cause I had the best front office to work with and a heck of a roster around me. Should I be bashed for it too?

I was brought up in a sports world where a Steeler would have never played for the franchise in Dallas, where being a Red Sox meant never going to the Big Apple to play in pinstripes. Now all of that is gone, do not blame the players for it, blame free agency, cause that is what made players have this possibility.

Sure, if James does leave we can talk about loyalty. We can talk about sticking it out. We can talk about a lot of things, but the reality is that LBJ gave Miami four rides to the big show and brought home the championship twice. While there he was as loyal to that franchise as anyone could be. His time is up and now he can make his choices. That is the way it works, end of story.

Lastly, LeBron James could even take a pay cut in all of this, and might probably do so if it means that Riley can bring in the help he needs. The realities in this story are two: that James has a lot of options and he would be foolish not to check them all out and that the haters will bash him for whichever road he takes. So, at the end of the line, just like we would, James needs to do what is best for him.