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Saturday, 21 June 2014 20:54

Ben Watanabe: "“If I’m the Celtics and I’m given the choice [to trade for Carmelo Anthony or Kevin Love] I think I would go with Carmelo."

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Ben Watanabe of NESN joins the guys at Celtics Beat to talk all things Boston Celtics offseason.


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The NBA Draft is right around the corner and Joel Embiid, one of the top draft prospects surprisingly was hit with news that he had a broken foot Embiid was in line to be the number one pick and after that news he’s all but assured not to go number one. Ben Watanabe of NESN.com joined the guys at Celtics Beat to discuss what the Celtics should do, and more Boston Celtics rumors.

 Watanabe said “Every little bit effects the way that that massive body works, every millimeter that his spine is out of whack it affects him. It can have a massive domino effect on that massive body. He’s definitely going to fall.” Embiid is 7-foot-1 265 pounds.

Big men haven’t had a particularly good history with the back and foot injuries that Embiid is dealing. He’s had successful surgery, and his recovery time is 4-6 months.

With the history of foot and back injuries in big men such as Sam Bowie, Bill Walton, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Yao Ming all had major foot problems and never was able to get a hold of the great career they were expected to.

“I don’t know if the Celtics would love to have him but I know if the Timberwolves would love to have him, they would love to trade that pick,” Watanabe said kind of plugging a trade for Kevin Love.

The injury to Embiid with his back happened during the end of the season, and force him to miss the conference tournament and the NCAA Basketball Tournament. With only playing one season and all the injuries occurring it kind of tempers you away from him seeing as it was only 35 or so games, where the NBA is 82 games minimum.

“At this point a broken foot is more worrisome than the torn knee ligament that Nerlens Noel dealt with last season,” Watanabe said. “I think I would go with one of the other guys [in the draft]” when asked if he would take Embiid.

Kevin Love continues to be the center of the Celtics Universe. There have been rumors that the Celtics have the best package for Love, and then there are rumors that the Celtics don’t have the best offer. Watanabe said “I look at their [Celtics] combination of draft picks, and young player, Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk, you have under control until at least 2017 and will be able to keep cap flexibility. And I think it’s the best.”

The Carmelo Anthony rumors started to die, and then Rajon Rondo went on ESPN’s Numbers Never Lie and talked about playing with Anthony. Rondo said “I’m not recruiting Carmelo Anthony because that would be illegal, but I’d love to play with Carmelo Anthony. Danny Ainge should try and get him.”

Watanabe said “If I’m the Celtics and I’m given the choice [to trade for Anthony or Love] I think I would go with Carmelo. When you look at him while he was in Denver, and had an offensive system he was really good.”

To hear the entire interview with Ben Watanabe the Celtics Beat reporter for NESN.com listen to the Celtics Beat Podcast

Edward Santiago

Edward Santiago is the lead NBA Columnist and member of the CLNS Radio Boston Celtics beat team.  He is also the producer and host of an U92 NBA FastBreak, a podcast which specializes in NBA coverage.

Currently an undergrad student at West Virginia University, Edward serves on the sports staff of the school's college radio station.  He has provided play-by-play announcing and color commentary for various varsity sports at WVU.

He is also the beat reporter for the WVU Women's and Men's basketball team.

Edward is currently pursuing his degree in Broadcast Journalism at the West Virginia University Reed School of Media

Find his podcast on iTunes search: U92 NBA FastBreak

Follow him on Twitter: @eddistotle

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