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Tuesday, 17 June 2014 12:15

NBA: Melo is leaving his heart in...

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Like the old song from the 50's it seems that Melo is leaving his heart somewhere...

There was a popular song in the 50’s that was entitled “I left my heart in San Francisco”. From stories I have read it seems that Carmelo Anthony is redoing that tune, as he feels like his heart is in New York. Having said that Melo seems he won’t be resigning with the Knickerbockers.

"His heart is in New York," one source familiar with Anthony's thinking told Yahoo Sports, "but he wants a chance to win now."

Melo and Knicks management met on Friday, but that did not do much to change the mind of the All-Star. And why should it, as the franchise that plays in the mecca of basketball, is nowhere from being able to compete in a very weak Eastern Conference.

This brings up two different storylines for the team in the Big Apple. Where will their former star land, and much more importantly for President Phil Jackson and his new head coach Derek Fisher where do the Knicks go from here?

For Melo it seems that both the Houston Rockets and the Chicago Bulls are working to find a way to bring him into their roster. If I was to pick for the former Syracuse star I would tell him that the lone star state franchise would be the better of the two, first due to the talent and second because in Texas there is no income tax.

For the Knicks the plot is a lot thicker and messier, as without Carmelo Anthony it is only going to make bringing in the talent harder and harder, not a thing that a first year Prez and coach want to have to deal with. So, while there is no denying that Jackson did it all when it comes to his career as a coach, when speaking of his beginnings as a front office man he has missed out on his top candidate as a coach and now is about to lose his prize player. Not saying the he cannot become as a head man of the club what he was as the head man of the squad, but for right now the journey seems like it’s going in the opposite direction.

While the National Basketball Association is done with its game for the season there will be plenty of battles coming up, and the ones done off court might be even more important than the ones won on the hardwoods.