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Monday, 16 June 2014 13:22

Important Message from the CEO & Founder of CLNS Radio | Site Enhancements, Upgrades

Written by 

From the desk of Nick Gelso - CLNS Founder and CEO about Advertising


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Good Morning!


In the coming weeks, you may notice that the amount of advertising on CLNS Radio will increase. Advertising has become a very important part of our business model as it will enable us to continue to provide all of the exclusive coverage you love for free.  With that in mind, I want to be open and honest with our loyal fans about potential challenges as we roll out these changes.


At first, the reaction of most people when they hear the word Advertising is negative - especially when a product that does not have much advertising increases the volume of their ads.  Before those concerns are addressed, please consider the following points that have me very excited about the future of CLNS Radio:

We have a steadily growing base of advertisers that are showing interest in every aspect of the network.

We're coming up with innovative ways to present you with ads that you will be interested in

Our content is evolving with our business model and will be even better than ever before

With ongoing projects at CLNS Radio like the development of our FREE mobile app, with premium services available,  I am confident that the ads will not disrupt the way you enjoy our network.  While the frequency of advertising will increase, the quality of our content will rise alongside of it. As I mentioned, a FREE mobile app is being developed for IOS and Android users. The app will provide a much better ease of listening to our vast list of podcasts on CLNS Radio. We will also be upgrading our offerings from  our locker room  reporters and camera crews. We have completely re-built the CLNS Radio website, from the inside out. You will notice a fully optimized and FAST browsing experience on CLNS. After over six years, we will be departing Blog Talk Radio and building a much better listening (and viewing) experience for our audience. That said, most of the CLNS Radio programming will remain LIVE and caller intensive. We have established ourselves with you as a "radio" network that ALLOWS THE FAN TO HAVE A VOICE! That will not change. There is so much more in the works but I do not want to prolong our 'discussion' as I know it's Father's Day weekend and everyone is very busy.


In addition to all of these, we've been listening to the feedback of our staff and fans.  From your favorite parts of the site, to the things you'd like to see go away - we are constantly using your thoughts to improve the network.  As we continue to grow, we will rely on that feedback even more.  Please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and I will be happy to address any further concerns that you may have. Additionally, I have linked a demographic survey below. We NEED YOUR OPINION to continue to grow and improve. Please take 5 minutes to take our survey.


Finally, I trust you will agree with me that we will continue to have a long lasting relationship with all of our fans.  We hope that the relationships we build with our upcoming advertisers is just as strong and long lasting.  I apologize in advance if anything along the way in this transition affects the way you enjoy CLNS Radio.  I am confident that everyone involved in this effort will be pleased with the result.


Stay tuned as I will be updating you frequently on more enhancements, upgrades and some subtle changes in listening methods. To have a direct line to my office, feel free to email me anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or sign up for our e-blast here.


Thank you for being a part of the CLNS Radio Family!


Nick Gelso

CLNS Radio Founder and CEO


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Nick Gelso

Nick Gelso is the Founding Partner and CEO of North Station Media, CLNS Radio. Gelso has been covering the NBA and Boston Celtics since 2008. He has locker room experience and is an accomplished NBA columnist and radio personality. Gelso has appeared on Boston radio, Las Vegas television, ESPNBoston, CBS Sports. He is co-host of CLNSRadio's flagship production, the Celtics Late Night Show and co-owner of CLNSRadio.


Additionally, Gelso is the co-host of Beats & Eats Podcast. Beats & Eats is an entertainment, foodie and pop-culture podcast network. Beats & Eats hosts podcasts from Hell's Kitchen Chefs' Barret Beyer & Anthony Rodriguez. Actors such as Lydia Cornell and Matt Fahey. Technology expert, and CLNS Columnist, Rich Conte. Hell's Kitchen Chef Dan Ryan hosts a reddit-based, pop-culture podcast. Chopped Chef, Rob Burmeister & Hell's Kitchen Chef, Clemenza host the culinary-comedy podcast, "Chewing the Fat with Big and Beefy."



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