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Friday, 13 June 2014 13:17

NBA: If you could turn back time

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If the Spurs win this series, as most believe they will, could it be somewhat bitter sweet? I think so...

If there is one thing as an athlete you must always do is live in the moment. And if you are watching the NBA Finals for the San Antonio Spurs, who hold a three to one lead over the Miami Heat, living the moment is getting ready for what could be the close out game in their home court at the AT&T Center. However, in sports, there is another thing that is held in high esteem by a lot of its players: the history of the game.

While the team from the lone star state, if they were to close this series out as most believe they will, is about to become the most significant franchise since the new millennium, they are also going to have the tag of the squad that could have stopped the Heat from having anywhere the flare that they have had up to now.

I know that “if’s” are all pie in the sky dreams made by people like me to find a way to justify something. But, if the Spurs had closed out Game Six last year, and they were in a three-one lead right now, this LeBron led team would have been in four finals, but only won one. Basically becoming a bit more to the NBA than the Buffalo Bills were to the NFL, nothing three mega superstars brought together for “not one, not two, not…” would like to be remember by.

So, as most now believe to be the case, San Antonio was to win it all fans all over would celebrate the victory of the silent three, in Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, as well as their future Hall of Fame head coach, Gregg Popovich. But for those players, the supporting cast and the coaching staff, once the fanfare is over, a bitter sweet feeling could emerge knowing they could have had one more championship and held the Miami Heat to just one overall.

One of my favorite saying is “it is what it is” and for the Spurs this should be a great end to a great season. For the Miami Heat this should be an interesting off season as they either implode the roster or re-try with others or they bring in another star. And for me? For me it’s great, since I am from the old school and believe that teams were built not bought, and that is exactly how the Spurs did it!

Alex Mazzolini

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