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Sunday, 08 June 2014 03:23

Duangdao: “This was a season that definitely tested the loyalty of Laker Nation.”

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Duangdao: “This was a season that definitely tested the loyalty of Laker Nation.” Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The guys over at Celtics Beat talk to Dan Duangdao, the Editor-in-Chief of Laker Nation to discuss the turmoil of the team on the left coast 


The NBA offseason is in full swing and the Celtics are rumored to be in the middle of almost everything. What about the arch-rival from across country? Those guys in purple and gold, the guys at Celtics Beat talk to Dan Duangdao, the Editor-in-Chief from Laker Nation to discuss the offseason of the Lakers.

The Lakers have been a franchise that can usually go out and flaunt the Laker lure, and get whoever they want, but this season doesn’t seem to be like that and Duangdao feels the same way saying “unfortunately I don’t think so. With only the 7th pick and only three player under contract I don’t think they can do much with teams out there offering all types of packages.” He says that 2015 is likely when the Lakers will make their splash if Kevin Love becomes a free agent then.

Kobe signed a huge contract extension during the season 2 years 48 million dollars. Duangdao says it’s something the Lakers had to do and that Kobe is still “one of the better players in this league, and they had to hand out the money with his free agency coming up.”

The Lakers pick seventh, right after the Celtics pick at number six. He says the Lakers have to draft front court players. They have no front court depth. The only player in the front court for the Lakers is … wait for it … Robert Sacre. So look for the Lakers to go deep into the front court this coming offseason.

“This was a season that definitely tested the loyalty of Laker Nation.” The Lakers had to deal with loads of injuries. It was hard for the Lakers to play second fiddle in their own town to the Clippers.

The Lakers are interested in three solid name players Luol Deng, one of the best two-way forwards when healthy, Kyle Lowry, who really blew up with his stellar season this year, and Greg Monroe who is the odd man out in a Detroit Pistons front court. Although with Monroe rumors say that Stan van Gundy wants to keep Monroe and Andre Drummond together.

As for the coaching search, Duangdao feels that Byron Scott should be the guy. “He’s the fan favorite, and the safest pick for the Lakers right now. He’s a defensive minded coach and has a good relationship with Kobe.” He also feels the Lakers need to bring back some of the legends of the team and remind everyone that they are a great franchise.

To hear the entire interview with Dan Duangdao check out the Celtics Beat Podcast 

Edward Santiago

Edward Santiago is a member of the CLNS Radio Boston Celtics beat team. Edward is also on the Sports Staff of the college radio station at West Virginia University.Edward has done play by play and color commentary for three vasrity sports at WVU. He is the producer and host of an NBA Podcast, U92 NBA FastBreak. Edward is also the beat reporter for the WVU Women's and Men's basketball team. He is also co host of a morning sports show set to debut in August 2014. 

Edward is currently an undergrad student at the West Virginia University Reed School of Media pursuing his degree in Broadcast Journalism. 

Find his podcast on iTunes search: U92 NBA FastBreak

Follow him on Twitter: @eddistotle