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Saturday, 31 May 2014 00:24

Celtics Beat w/ Mary Schmitt Boyer + Mark Murphy 5/31/14

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More Kevin Love Talk on Boston Celtics Beat with Mark Murphy and Mary Schmitt Boyer

With the NBA Draft right around the corner - one would think that would be the predominant thing on the mind of Boston Celtics fans. But it’s not. It’s still all about Kevin Love, and how the Celtics will acquire him. Hosts Rich Conte and Jared Weiss will give you the latest on the Love front.

It’s assumed that the Celtics have more to offer the Timberwolves than any other team for Love’s services. Not so fast. The Cleveland Cavaliers just won yet another NBA Draft Lottery, and have the cap space to add ...LeBron James? Is this feasible? Cleveland Cavaliers insider for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mary Schmitt Boyer, will jump on to discuss this possibility.

That’s not all, of course. Where do the Celtics stand as of now? Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald will speak with Rich Conte and touch all the bases regarding the Celts.

And of course, Rich and Jared go Around the NBA in 5.

Tune into Celtics Beat, this Saturday, May 31st at 2 PM ET/11AM PT. Exclusively on CLNS Radio.


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