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Wednesday, 21 May 2014 12:10

NBA: Can We Stop With the Conspiracy Theories?

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Another NBA get together, another chance for the NBA conspiracy theory makers to have a ball

Last night, for those that do not follow such things, the NBA had its draft lottery. Meaning that fourteen franchises watched where they would land with their picks and where NBA conspiracy theorists once again were able to find new ways to say that the Association is rigged.

Coming up to last night most of these conspiracy makers were all believing that the National Basketball Association was going to find a way to get the Los Angeles Lakers the top pick in order to re-launch them back into prevalence in the West. When that did not happen, as the franchise from Tinsel Town got the seventh pick, the new theory is that the league gave the pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers, who just had a 1.4% to win the lottery.

But this is where the conspiracy theory came into play. It was not about the Cleveland franchise getting their second 1st overall pick in a row, as well three out of the last four, it was about that the league gave the team this because of LeBron James.  I have to say, for some of the people that called themselves fans James can do no right. Heck, I am pretty sure that there is a portion of these fans that believe that LBJ is the reason behind why we pay so such high taxes, we have bad weather, as well as anything else that is wrong with their lives.

For all of these conspiracy seekers let me just say, if you think that the Cavaliers getting the first pick of this lottery is the best thing for the Association, when franchises like LA or Boston could have, then you have no clue. None! 

Secondly, the theory that getting all these picks to the team where LBJ used to play is going to lure him back there is just as absurd. James wants to win, and if he was to leave South Beach there would be many better destinations before thinking of going back to Ohio.

Finally, for those of you that keep saying that it had to be rigged since a team that had just a 1.4% to win the lottery got the first pick, let me just ask this… any of you ever play the lottery, cause I am pretty sure that the percentage of winning is a lot lower than that!

As far as LeBron James, like him or hate him, think he is the best player right now, the best ever, or not even close, the reality is that if your franchise could have him they would take him in a heartbeat! So, enjoy the game, cause that is what fans should do, and stop hating, cause it does not change a damn thing.