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Wednesday, 14 May 2014 12:48

Magic Johnson talks to Anderson Cooper

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Before the interviewed aired I was not sure if Johnson should have spoken to Anderson Cooper. Afterward, I am still divided if he should have done it or not, but understand why he did.

After the debacle that was the Donald Sterling interview with Anderson Cooper, which you can see here or read about how I portrayed it here, last night it was Magic Johnson’s turn to be interviewed by the CNN host. I must say that waiting for the show to begin I was divided on this… on one side it made total sense for Johnson to reply to the attacks, but on the other hand it felt like the former Laker star was playing into this.

After watching the hour long show my opinion stayed exactly as it was before. Sure, Magic in a lot of ways needed to reply to the smears done by Sterling the night before. But on the other hand now there are people stating “well, Johnson has not done all that he could”. And all of this takes the spotlight off the true subject that a racist owns a basketball team and needs to be ousted.

Just like I think that whoever prepped Donald Sterling for his interview did not a good job, the same goes for Magic Johnson. I understand replying to the bashing that the 80 year old laid out, but there was no need to do a sort of power point presentation on all that Johnson has done.

“I just feel sorry for him,” said Johnson. “I really do. It’s sad.”

When those words were spoken chills came down my spine, cause it showed how much of a better man Johnson is than myself when it comes to this. I think this whole thing is sad, but I do not feel bad at all for Sterling, and I hope he gets all that he deserves, cause as Magic also said “his money is not going to buy him out of this one”. Or at least the indications would say that.

But the second biggest part of the interview came when Johnson denied that he had called the former LA Clippers owner after the tape was released. Telling Cooper that in fact it was Sterling to call him to try and get the two of them on a joint interview with Barbara Walters to clear the air. Johnson did not accept and also added that his lawyer advised him to have no more communication with Sterling.

The last point that should be mentioned and I advise all that can to watch the full interview, are Magic Johnson’s thought on Sterling telling Cooper that his players love him.

“Now he is delusional”

Pointing out that not only do the Clippers players not like their former boss, but no players, present or former, in the NBA like him. That was the most powerful statement of the night, because this leads me to believe that if the players do not see things being done to get Sterling out there could be consequences, and I doubt the owners want to see that.

The end to this story is a long way away and unfortunately I doubt that the bashing will stop. Sterling has painted himself into a corner and does not seem to be the type to go down easily or  quietly. The question now might just be… is he going to name names of whom is a lot more like him than people thought? If that was to be the case the likes of Anderson Cooper and Barbara Walters are going to be mighty busy. Unfortunately they will be busy for all the wrong reasons!