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Tuesday, 13 May 2014 01:28

Donald Sterling speaks about the tape with Anderson Cooper

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In what some thought there could be an apology, the interview was more like a ticking time bomb, which exploded several times

I read on TMZ that Donald Sterling met with his lawyer before giving the interview to Anderson Cooper, which just aired on CNN. At first I thought that whatever the mouth piece told his boss was not followed, but as the interview kept going I changed my mind. Since I think the duo’s plan on this was to attack whomever he could to get the spotlight off of him and on to others.

First off Sterling repeated that he is not a racist, the same claim that his estranged wife told Barbara Walters in another interview, claiming that Anderson Cooper was more of a racist than he was.  That alone, for someone who we thought would apologize was pretty much mind boggling, but that was nothing compared to how the displaced Los Angeles Clippers’ owner bashed and blamed the media and then went off on Magic Johnson.

Sterling basically placed the fault of all of this on the media. From saying that it’s them and not the NBA that wants him out of the owners’ fraternity. Then stating that it’s the media that is making him out to be a racist. Or that the media is behind the movement of players and people being against Sterling on this. “My players love me” was said not once, but several times in this interview. Along with stating “1000 of people have called me” to support him.

I was once told by a man I respect “I embrace solutions, not excuses”. Donald Sterling did not follow those words in this interview. Or maybe, just maybe, his solution was to blame everything and anything, so that nothing fell back on him. And while that might have been the plan, I am not sure that it quite worked for the people watching this television debacle. Personally speaking, it definitely did not work for me.

Each time you thought it could not get worst when Copper brought up Magic Johnson the ceiling fell off. “What has he done for black people” to “He has aids” to “He should go in the background” and even going as far as saying “he is not a good example to the kids of LA” were just some things that the 80 years old stated about Johnson. It was sad to watch this happening, very sad, but not sad enough to feel sorry for the former owner of the Clippers. Not one bit.

In the end mere words from this blogger cannot describe the entitlement that this man, who owes many an apology, showed during the interview. Just like he told everyone when he settled his case against the Justice Department that it was not him that paid for it, here too, it was everyone else, but it was not he that would pay for what he said in those tapes. Not in his mind at least.

I am sure this is not the end of hearing Donald Sterling in front of a microphone and a camera. From the NBA voting on his removal, to what could be a long trial afterward the Sterling name will be all over. And of course, if not Mr. Sterling, either his estranged wife or his mistress, who has been interviewed by Walters as well, will be yapping away about this. Like it or not, want it or not, this is a long way from, to use a comment from Sterling, “going into the background”.

At the end of his show Anderson Cooper said that tomorrow night Magic Johnson will be on his show to talk about the comments by Sterling. This means that either I or another member of the CLNSRadio staff will be posting our thoughts on that interview.