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Saturday, 10 May 2014 19:00

Tim Capstraw: Paul Pierce Still Has A Couple Of Good Years Left In Him

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Brooklyn Nets Color commentator Tim Capstraw says that Paul Pierce still has a few good seasons left in his career, and that the Nets need momentum to turn their season around against the Miami Heat.

Two games into their playoff series against the Miami Heat, and the Brooklyn Nets are looking more than a little deflated. After the Heat won their opening series 4-0, the last thing the Nets wanted was to be second team swept by the current NBA heavyweights.

There's no denying however that the Nets have the ability to turn things around. They have not only the athletic ability, but also the veteran experience. Color commentator Tim Capstraw has said that the Nets have the players that know how to get out of these situations. In fact, they have done it already this season.

''Paul Pierce has been incredibly important to the transformation of [the Nets],'' Capstraw told CLNS Radio on the Celtics Beat podcast. ''This team was not going anywhere in 2013. They were 10-21, and then they just flipped a switch on January 1st when they came from 16 points down to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder. That moment really made a difference.''

Capstraw also said that Pierce had been a great addition to the Nets team, and that he thinks his future probably resides in Brooklyn.

''Combine his leadership with getting the trip to Boston out of his system and Pierce has been an excellent addition to this team,'' Capstraw said.

''I think he still has a couple of years of good basketball left in him. They won't be Hall of Fame years, but he still has a great pace, a good feel for the game, and he has a strong basketball IQ.''

When the Heat visit Brooklyn on Saturday night, home court advantage is probably the only thing they have on their side to try and turn the series around. Tim Capstraw said that the fans are the best people to help the Nets out right now.

''Coming back home, the crowd have to get behind them and give the team momentum,'' he said. ''When you lose the first two games of a series against the world champions, it can take the wind out of your sails. After losing the first game by 20 points really took it out of them, and then losing the second game despite being in it with five minutes left, they really need momentum right now.''

Capstraw also said that Deron Williams has to step up and play better, now more than ever.

''Williams is coming off a scoreless game, so he needs to contribute more,'' Capstraw said. ''But generally every player needs to play at a higher level.''

To hear the entire interview with Capstraw as he discusses Ray Allen's recent good form, and the future of Kevin Garnett, then check out the Celtics Beat podcast on the media player below.

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