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Saturday, 22 March 2014 18:00

Randy Auerbach on Phil Jackson Having Success in New York: Don’t Bet on It

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Randy Auerbach, daughter of Red, talks New York Knicks, Phil Jackson, and of course -- the Boston Celtics on CLNS Radio's Celtics Beat podcast




Phil Jackson has returned to the game of basketball to much fanfare.  He’s heading back to where it all began for him with the New York Knicks.


Many are lauding the move, but a seemingly equal number are skeptical.


Count the daughter of the Boston Celtics’ famed patriarch, Randy Auerbach, in the latter.


“He’s clearly a successful and great coach -- that doesn’t mean you’re a great general manager.” Auerbach told CLNS Radio.


“And you can’t come in with your lists of do’s and dont's: ‘I don’t want to go to Europe, I don’t want to travel here...I’m going to be in LA a lot because  my children, my grandchildren, doctors are in LA along with my fiancée, but I like New York and I’ll be there.’  It doesn’t work that way.”


Auerbach cited Miami Heat President Pat Riley as a model for Jackson.  Riley routinely attends Miami Heat games, does scouting trips for the team, and is seemingly involved in many of their personnel operations.


Will Jackson, who asked for special privileges in his final years as Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as now being 68 and having health issues of his own, commit himself fully to New York and the Knicks’ organization?


“I’d be very interested to see how it turns out” Auerbach said.


And of course, the biggest question of all remains:


“Can he build a team? He’s never built a team.  He’s gone to ready-made to teams, and he’s done a terrific job at that.  But does that mean he can build a team? No.  What are they giving him 12 million dollars for? For being a great coach, and being a name.”


The NBA world will soon find out.


Auerbach’s comments were made on the Celtics Beat podcast.  To hear the entire interview, in which Auerbach touches on the Celtics, Kobe Bryant, the Lakers, LeBron James, the state of the NBA in Adam Silver’s hands, and more -- click the player below:



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