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Saturday, 15 March 2014 19:33

Sean Deveney: "Rumors Regarding Rajon Rondo Have Been Baseless"

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Rajon Rondo trade rumors have come from other teams and agents, not the Boston Celtics, according to Sporting News' Sean Deveney


BOSTON -- So there's that.

The Boston Celtics are not looking to trade Rajon Rondo.  Not only that, Boston's All-Star point guard would like to stay here.

This according to Sean Deveney, national NBA writer for Sporting News.

Appearing on the March 15th edition of Celtics Beat, Deveney stated flat out that Boston is and was never looking to deal Rondo:

“They don’t want to trade Rajon Rondo.  You trade Rajon Rondo, you need to get another star player back because if you want to sign somebody in 2015, who’s going to come [to Boston] and sign?” Deveney told CLNS Radio

“A lot of the rumors that have come up regarding Rajon Rondo have just been baseless.  They’ve come from other teams or other agents or things like that.  As far as I know, and talking to people who know Rondo pretty well, he wants to finish the job in Boston...He looks at this as a real challenge.  He kind of came in as that fourth guy behind the Big Three, well he wants to be the big guy now.  He wants to be part of whatever the next Big Three in Boston is and because of that I do think he sticks around.

This is a far cry from the reports that have come from others who have stated that Rondo has little patience for a rebuilding process and the Celtics have been actively shopping Rondo.

Deveney states that Rondo could technically be had, but it'd have to be a very favorable trade for the franchise.

"Now that’s going to come down to whether the Celtics get a trade offer that knocks their socks off and they wind up dealing him.  But they aren’t out there trying to trade him...and he doesn’t want to go.  So because of that, I do think he’ll stick around and he’ll sign a long-term deal in 2015."

Also according to Deveney, 2015 seems to be the big year for the franchise.  Deveney stated that while Celtics won’t turn down something if something presents itself, ie a trade for Kevin Love this summer, he still expects the Celtics to bide their time before they make their real move when they have cap space in 2015 and the Brooklyn picks are closer in sight.

“The plan all along has been be patient...the real turnaround is expected to be in 2015”

“Next year I think you expect to take a step forward, but you’re still looking at 2015 as that off-season where you can really turn things around and make yourself a competitor again.”

Mark your calendars.


To hear the full interview, play the media player below:

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