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Thursday, 06 March 2014 02:24

Game #61 Recap: Golden State Warriors Dominate Paint to Blow Past Boston Celtics, 108-88

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The Golden State Warriors (38-24) went Into Wednesday's game winning three out of their last five on an East Coast trip, and sustained their success in dominating fashion against the Boston Celtics (20-41) 108-88 in the TD Garden on Wednesday. 

The Celtics were stagnant and complacent in their offense right from the start. They scored two points halfway through the first quarter and allowed Warriors to drive to the basket with ease. 

One of Golden State's bread and butter this season has been getting to the basket, posting 43 points in the paint per game this season. Warriors' backcourt recognized the mismatches downlow and kept their dribbles all the way to bucket.

The Warriors finished with 58 points in the paint on Wednesday, 24 in the first quarter while shooting 56-percent from the field. Golden State's first-half success abled them to have a cake walk the rest of the way.

Boston's struggles from three were evident after shooting 27-percent, and had immense trouble keeping possession of the ball giving the ball away 22 times, 12 in the first half.  In result, Golden State took advantage of their surplus of opportuntiies and shelved 24 fast-break points. 

David Lee netted 18 points, 10 rebounds and four assists. Klay Thompson, who hit a game-winner in the closing seconds in the fourth quarter of Tuesday's game against the Indiana Pacers, added a quiet 18 points as well. 

The Celtics never had a chance throughout the whole contest, but there was a bright spot. Kelly Olynyk contributed 19 points, five rebounds and three assists off the bench. 

Boston will welcome the Brooklyn Nets to the Garden on Friday at 7:30 p.m. 


Mark Loiselle Jr.

Mark Loiselle Jr. is a Celtics beat writer for CLNS Radio. He currently has a radio show called "The Sports Blast" on ESPN Radio in Nashua, New Hampshire, and writes for The Phinsider. In the past, his work has been published on NESN.com, Phinphanatic.com and Atlantic Twine. 

Mark is a Warwick, Rhode Island native who recently graduated from Springfield College with a degree in communications/sports journalism. You can follow Mark on Twitter @mahkeyL34