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Friday, 21 February 2014 01:21

Marc Spears on Rajon Rondo: "I think he'll be gone."

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Deal with Sacramento Kings had no chance of happening.  But expect the Boston Celtics to move Rajon Rondo at some point in the next year-and-a-half.


Credible NBA insider and former Boston Celtics beat writer Marc Spears joined the Early Edition of Comcast Sports Net New England hosted by Gary Tanguay to talk about a Rajon Rondo to Sacramento Kings trade that never had any chance of happening.

While Tanguay pushed the trade as if it were something serious and was on the cusp of happening -- Spears reported that it was something that was discussed "a while ago."  More importantly, it was a complete non-starter as Rondo has no interest in re-signing in Sacramento.

For all the fairy tale talk of trading Rondo to the Kings -- the way Spears talked, it was just that.  Fairy tale.  Those who were discussing it were wasting their time as it was something that wasn't even close to happening.

However, what Spears said that was actually interesting was when Tanguay asked Spears for his opinion on whether Rondo will be in Boston past 2015.  Spears responded with "I think he'll be gone."  His sources have seemed to imply to them that despite Danny Ainge's backing of Rondo as the team's franchise player long term -- that if the right deal came along, Boston would pull the trigger.

It seems clear as day to this writer: While Ainge may not be willing to take a step back and trade Rondo as a dollar for a two quarters, three dimes, and a few nickels -- he is going to use Rondo as the center piece to upgrade to a legitimate star player.  Just as he was trying to do in his failed attempt at Chris Paul back in December of 2011.

With the Celtics almost assuredly to enter the Kevin Love sweepstakes this summer, could the Celtics then turn around and try to pry away Russell Westbrook from OKC using Rondo to reunite the two old UCLA teammates who are reportedly best friends?

File under: Wait and see.

Larry H. Russell

Larry H. Russell is the Executive Producer of CLNS Radio.  Most noted as the Voice of Celtics Beat and Celtics Pre-Game, LHR has served many roles within CLNS since joining the network in 2011. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed Fall of the Boston Celtics: How Bad Luck, Bad Decisions Brought the Mighty Celtics Empire to Its Knees and Ushered in the Dark Ages which was released in 2014 as well as the director of the film Paul Pierce: The Best Pure Scorer in Celtics History.

LHR is a graduate of Emerson College and currently resides in Brookline.  He can be reached by e-mail at LHRussell@clnsradio.com or on Twitter @CLNS_LHR