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Tuesday, 21 January 2014 19:14

Report: Rajon Rondo's minutes to increase vs. Miami Heat

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In his first two games back in the lineup for the Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo has been limited to five minutes per quarter, roughly 20 minutes a game.

Tonight when the C's take on the Miami Heat on the road, Rondo's minutes could slightly increase, according to Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe

The report indicated that Rondo's minutes could go up to 25 tonight against the Heat. Rondo played just over 21 minutes on Sunday against the Orlando Magic, and pleaded with head coach Brad Stevens to stay in at one point during the second period. 

"That's just your adrenaline talking and your competitiveness talking," Stevens said of Rondo. "That was anticipated and we talked about the before the time. He knows. He wanted to stay in, but he also knew the way we were going to do it."

Stevens also said that Rondo "continues to get better..." and that the all-star suffers no swelling or setbacks during the day after a game.