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Monday, 06 January 2014 02:59

[Audio] Interview with the founders of CLNS Radio: Nick Gelso & Brandon Paul

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A Special Interview on CLNS Radio's 'Sister' company

Beats & Eats co-host Nick Gelso is in the guest chair in this edition. Gelso is joined by the co-founder of CLNS radio, Brandon Paul. Host Ty Ray chats with Gelso and Paul about the early days of their podcast "The Celtics Late Night Show", their love of the Boston Celtics, and the future of CLNS Radio. The guys discussed the history of podcasting and charted their rise from amateur bloggers to sports journalists and name-brand basketball broadcasting personalities. Gelso and Paul recall some of the great guests they've interviewed as well as the moment CLNS became credentialed by the Boston Celtics. This episode with two podcasting pioneers isn't to be missed by novice and veteran podcasters alike. So sit back, relax, and like Nick Gelso, enjoy a good scotch, and hear all about this amazing broadcasting success story.


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