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Thursday, 02 January 2014 02:35

Jeff Green, Brandon Bass Argue on Sideline in Loss

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Boston Celtics forwards Jeff Green and Brandon Bass got caught up in a verbal altercation during a break in action late in the third quarter in Tuesday's 92-91 loss against the Atlanta Hawks. Celtics head coach Brad Stevens went on to bench both starters throughout the fourth quarter in the close game, but simply said the disagreement between his two players on the sideline had nothing to do with the descision.

"Disagreements are part of the game, it's part of team basketball, but how quickly you move on from there says a lot," Stevens said.

Stevens went on to say his choice to play reserves was simply a coaching choice, based on what he saw on the court throughout the game.

Courtnee Lee was one of Stevens' players on the bench who played down the stretch. Lee, who recently made news by complaining about his playing time, scored 11 points off of the bench.

"That's part of being a professional," Lee said. "You keep going to the hot hand, and then, like I said, when someone has it rolling, you've got to keep going to them, and I think Coach realizes that."

Stevens said after the game he thought about putting in Jeff Green at the end of the game since the smal forward has had great success at the end of games scoring the basketball, but decided he was too cold to call upon in the waning moments.

The issue that occured on the sideline between Bass and Green appears to be over with, as neither have come out and spoken much about it since. It looks as though everything is fine, and hopefully that is indeed the case for Boston - who plays in Chicago against the Bulls tomorrow night (Thursday) at 8 p.m.