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Tuesday, 17 December 2013 19:00

Boston Celtics Play-by-Play Broadcaster Mike Gorman Applauds Brad Stevens

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Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens has earned his fair share of praises so far this season. His team is in first place in the Atlantic Division in a year that was theoretically a “rebuilding” one, and the basketball mind can see how they continue to grow as the season progresses.

CSNNE’s Celtics play-by-play broadcaster Mike Gorman is just the latest to credit Stevens, saying that he has brought a nice college-like element to the young roster.

“For all the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve always found that in college basketball the team takes on the personality of the coach, and in professional basketball the team takes on the personality of the best player,” Gorman said. “This team defies that rule, and they have taken on Brad Stevens’ personality.”

Gorman went on in his interview with Dan Roche and Mike Flynn on 98.5 the Sports Hub to say that first-year general keeps his team focused and has earned the players respect throughout the early stages of his tenure in Boston.

“They’re exceptionally level,” Gorman said. “They don’t get too excited about wins, they don’t get too down about losses. They have bought into the coach, and his X’s and O’s.”

The longtime Celtics personality then offered some insight that many don’t get to experience. He said that, by talking to players in the locker room, it is easy to tell that they are simple focused on improvement.

“What you have is a team not paying too much attention the scoreboard, and just trying to get better day by day and week by week,” he said. “All of the sudden it has turned from what was supposed to be a tanking year to a team that’s really fun to watch. They play hard.”

Gormon also talked about the fact that the C’s are in first place, and that if the playoffs started tomorrow they would play a home series against the Detroit Pistons - avoiding both the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers.

“That’s a very winnable series,” Gorman explained. “This team can be so much better than what people thought when the seasons started.”

The topic then switched to Rajon Rondo, and Gorman told Roche and Flynn that he felt that adding the all-star point guard to the mix could only help.

“You have to think they will be better,” said Gorman. “Rondo is a premier point guard, and the development of Jordan Crawford [and Avery Bradley] gives the Celtics a three-guard rotation that is pretty darn good.

Gorman also said, during the interview, that he felt Rondo had been misinterpreted by many throughout his career, and that he is really just looking to help out his team.

“Rondo is at that point in his career where he’s not coming back to get stats, he’s coming back to get wins,” Gorman said. I’m excited about Rondo coming back.”

The Celtics are currently a game ahead of Toronto in the Atlantic Division, and are back in action Wednesday at home against the Pistons. It will be interesting to see, moving forward, if Stevens and co. can hold on to first place, and continue to improve, as we get into the middle stages of the NBA campaign.