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Wednesday, 27 November 2013 20:00

Rondo Looking Better, Teammates Say

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When the news came out that Rajon Rondo had beaten teammate MarShon Brooks in an end line to end line race a few days ago, many basketball pundits around the league laughed at the matter. Rondo is coming off an ACL injury that he sustained last season, and Brooks is as healthy as came be.

There is, however, one other thing that the story did - draw attention to the situation. So much so that reporters at large began asking Rondo’s teammates and coach if he is close to a return, and the answers were all fairly positive.  

"He looks good, man," said Brooks, the man who was beaten in a race by Rondo, according to the Boston Globe. "He’s quick. He’s very quick, always been quick. I think he’s almost there."

Brooks’ words are reassuring, considering many wondered if Rondo would have the same speed after the injury.

Brooks wasn’t the only one who applauded Rondo’s recovery. Second-year teammate Jared Sullinger spoke highly of the all-star point guard, and warned opponents to look out once he is back.

"[Rondo] still has his quickness," Sullinger said. "He can still finish with either hand. He’s still crafty with the basketball. Rondo is Rondo. Once that knee gets 100 percent, look out. He’s going to be back full effect."

Rondo has been working out on the court before games, playing one-on-one against his teammates, and, according to Celtics head coach Brad Stevens, has been running through some 5-on-0 exercises in practice recently.

Stevens, though, warns the media to be cautious.

“I know he’s playing a little bit of one-on-one before games, but I’m not out there, so I haven’t seen a whole lot that would say he’d be close to ready, or whatever the case may be,” Stevens said.

“I have not gotten any word that we have a timeline that is any time in the very, very near future.”