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Thursday, 21 November 2013 19:19

Gregg Popovich offers Praises to Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge

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Gregg Popovich is a four-time NBA Champion, and two-time NBA Coach of the Year. He has been at the head of the Spurs organization now since 1996, which most would argue has been the most successful franchise during that time.

For these reasons he is widely considered one of the best, if not the best, coach in the NBA.

‘Pop and the Spurs went on to beat the Celtics 104-93 on Wednesday night, moving to 10-1 on the season. Why is this good news to Boston? Because of what Popovich had to say after the game in regards to the Celtics organization.

“In this league, with the number of games, and as talented as teams are . . . patience is probably a big commodity, especially in someone’s situation who’s used to winning night after night after night,” Popovich said to the Boston Globe.

Popovich also went on to give high praises to Brad Stevens, saying he actually watched Butler’s games when Stevens was at the helm for reasons to help his own team.

“When they were on TV, I watched the game, [to] see what I could pick up, [to] see what he did, because he did such a fine job,” Popovich said.

Popovich also said Stevens is doing a fine job, and doesn’t need advice from other coaches.

“He doesn’t need advice from me,” Popovich said. “He’s already a good coach in his own stead.”

“It’s a really kind thing for him to say,” Stevens said. “He’s at the top of our profession. I don’t think there’s any question about it, in a number of ways.”

Popovich also went on to applaud President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge.

“It’s a little bit different when you’re rebuilding a program, and so patience on everybody’s part is really important, and Danny [Ainge] has it and he understands the situation, and all it will do is improve as time goes on, guaranteed,” Popovich added.

Only time will tell if ‘Pop is right or not. One thing is for sure, however – It is encouraging to see such a highly respected coach show a support towards what the C’s are doing.