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Tuesday, 19 November 2013 19:49

Dissecting Recent Boston Celtics Trade Rumors

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Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge has been steady in his beliefs, and clear in his stance: Rajon Rondo has a future in the Boston Celtics organization. What’s more than that? Ainge has repeatedly said he is not looking to trade his franchise player, calling him the “centerpiece for the future.”

History repeats itself, and we have been through this too many times before. Danny Ainge always fields calls for players - and in return listens with curiosity. However, listening to incoming calls and making an effort to shop one of your players are two very different things, a distinction that many continue to ignore.

So when reports came out earlier this week that Ainge fielded Rondo calls in regards to trades, rumors began to swirl. People began to say – once again – that Ainge was “shopping Rondo,” and that he could be traded soon.

Again, why haven’t we learned?

Here’s what Ainge had to tell the Boston Globe on Monday:

“Rondo is coming off an injury and I think people know how much we love Rondo, so I don’t expect anybody to inquire, quite honestly,” Ainge said. “People know that Rondo is a big part of our future and that we’re not going to trade him.”

In fact, Ainge even said he hasn't received offered for his guard, which opened the floodgates to these rumors initially.

Ahh, the good old ‘speculation’ rumor mill is at it once again. Let’s step away from that for one moment and get real…

"What’s real is, he’s going nowhere," Ainge said. "That’s what’s real."

      Ainge has denied Rondo trade rumors time and time again. (Foxsports)

So let it be a lesson to Celtics fans all around the world once again: Ainge is not looking to trade Rondo. And the next time we hear rumors of Ainge “listening to calls” for a player, perhaps we will recall this moment and numerous others, and realize the difference between that and actually shopping somebody.

And by the way, the initial rumor of Ainge listening to calls may not even be true in the first place.

For this reason I shake my head as I read the rumor mill this morning. The latest is that the C’s would accept a trade for Amar’e Stoudemire, giving up a similarly large deal like Gerald Wallace in the swap. Courtney Lee’s name is being thrown around, as well.

Why do I shake my head? Because it doesn’t make since. Wallace and Lee are both under contract until 2016, and they aren’t cheap. So, while the Knicks would dump the bad contract and inconsistency of Stoudemire, they would inherit big deals on the other end.

The bottom line is this: Acquiring large deals like Wallace’s that lasts until 2016 would really hurt the Knicks chances of landing a free-agent to go along with Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony, by the way, is set to hit free agency this summer. Don’t think he’s not looking on very closely.