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Monday, 18 November 2013 03:26

NBA Power Rankings: Week 4

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Thanks to owning the NBA's longest current winning streak, the San Antonio Spurs leapfrogged the Indiana Pacers for the top-spot in this week's NBA Power Rankings.

The Washington Wizards fell the furthest, by 11 spots, as I begin to lose faith in my favorite sleeper team of the season. The Boston Celtics alos fell 11 spots as one of the streakiest teams in the NBA is in a downward spiral at the moment.

Surprisingly the Charlotte Bobcats are still not a sub-.500 team and rose 7 spots, the biggest jump this week.

Find out where your team ranks below!

Rank (LW) Team Record Reasoning 1 (2) San Antonio Spurs 9-1 Such little turnover of the roster leading to the 2nd best scoring defense in the NBA and 2nd most efficient defense in the league. In fact, they haven't conceded more than 89 points since November 6th. 2 (1) Indiana Pacers 9-1 82-0 might be out the window but the loss to Chicago was the first time Indiana has allowed more than 91 points in a game this season. I'd like to see more consistency from http://espn.go.com/nba/player/_/id/4244/lance-stephenson from three-point range as a starting shooting guard but he's a big reason Danny Granger is so expendable. 3 (6) Portland Trail Blazers 8-2 Hard to ignore six straight wins, although they came against teams with a losing record aside from the Phoenix Suns. Damian Lillard needs to improve his shooting percentage (currently below 40%), but he did average 17.8 PPG, 6 APG, and 3.75 APG in four games this week. 4 (4) Miami Heat 7-3 Seriously, did you think anyone is getting a nod here aside from the reigning MVP? http://espn.go.com/nba/player/_/id/1966/lebron-james was filthy this week averaging 34 PPG. 5 (7) L.A. Clippers 7-3 Yes Matt Barnes has stolen the headlines related to this team this week but Chris Paul (12.8 APG) continues to lead the NBA's top scoring offense (110 PPG). I know Doc wants defense, but all three of their wins this week came while allowing 103+ points. 6 (10) Golden State Warriors 7-3 Honestly, how do you stop this team? They have the best shooting back-court of all-time, one of the better offensive centers in the NBA in David Lee and now Andre Iguodala is hitting game-winners. 7 (5) Minnesota Timberwolves 7-4 Kevin Love is third in scoring (26.8 PPG), second in rebounding (13.6 RPG) and second PER (29.73). Shoutout to Kevin Martin for finding his shooting touch. Something about starting really sits well with him. 8 (3) Oklahoma City Thunder 6-3 Still a little concerned about who can be a third scoring option for the Thunder. Although Serge Ibaka is consistently pulling down double-digit rebounds for the first time in his career. 9 (8) Houston Rockets 7-4 From the ESPN Game Recap of Hosuton's 122-111 win over Denver on Saturday night: The plan (Hack-a-Dwight) backfired and Howard, who entered the game shooting 49 percent from the line, finished 17 of 24 on free throws. Howard's 24 free throw attempts were the most by a Rocket since Sleepy Floyd went 22 of 27 in February of 1991. 10 (14) Chicago Bulls 5-3 Derrick Rose returned from a short absence due to an injured hamstring and helped the Bulls hand the Pacers their first defeat of the season. 11 (11) Dallas Mavericks 6-4 In only three of their games this season have the Mavericks had the game's top scorer. They were all wins. 12 (16) Memphis Grizzlies 5-5 Z--Bo has really begun to pick up his scoring (dropping 60 points in three games this week) but he also posted three double-doubles. 13 (13) Atlanta Hawks 6-4 In his 11th season, Kyle Korver is proving that he's still one of the most accurate long-range shooters in the NBA. He's connecting on 50 percent of his three-pointers and scoring 13.3 PPG, the most since his fourth year in the league when he was with the 76ers. 14 (9) Phoenix Suns 5-4 As a Maryland alum it's hard for me to admit it when a Duke player succeeds in the NBA, but MIles Plumlee is far better than I thought he'd be. His line: 10.9 PPG + a team-leading 9.3 RPG and 2.1 BPG. 15 (19) L.A. Lakers 5-7 Jordan Hill can flat-out ball. In the four games this week, he put up 18.75 PPG and grabbed 12 RPG. That included nights of 17 rebounds and 15 rebounds. 16 (18) New Orleans Pelicans 4-6 Anthony Davis is one of three players (along with Love and Blake Griffin) to average at least 20 points and 10 rebounds a game. 17 (24) Charlotte Bobcats 5-5 Their backcourt of Kemba Walker and Gerald Henderson continues to shoot the ball at an atrocious rate. The duo is shooting 34% and 36.6% respectively. 18 (23) Orlando Magic 4-6 Arron Afflalo scored a career-high 36 points this week. 19 (28) Denver Nuggets 4-5 Denver went 3-1 this week and a guy who's still mainly known for getting posterized, Timofey Mozgov, is scoring double digits for the first time in his career thanks to increased playing time as JaVale McGee is injured.  20 (15) Philadelphia 76ers 5-6 Still leading the Atlantic Division with a losing record which means they'd host a playoff series. 21 (25) Toronto Raptors 4-7 DeMar DeRozan averaged 26.5 PPG this week. 22 (22) Cleveland Cavaliers 4-7 The Cavs better help out Kyrie Irving soon or he might give them the LeBron treatment too. 23 (12) Boston Celtics 4-7 Avery Bradley learned how to shoot in the off-season. He had a game of 24 points and 27 points this week. 24 (26) New York Knicks 3-6 The Knicks defense is terrible so you won't be shocked to hear that the team is attempting to off-load their most promising lock-down defender, Iman Shumpert. 25 (21) Detroit Pistons 3-6 Fresh off a $54 million deal, Josh Smith has already lost his starting role in at least one game. How long will Joe Dumars last in the front office in Detroit? 26 (29) Sacramento Kings 2-7 IsaIah Thomas continues to imrpove by large incriments every year. As a third-year player he's performing bigger than his 5'9" frame. 27 (20) Brooklyn Nets 3-6 Did the Boston Celtics trade KG and Pierce because they were giving them a shot at a title or did Danny Ainge see their demise coming? It doesn't look pretty in Brooklyn. 28 (17) Washington Wizards 2-7 I've almost officially given up on the Wizards... 29 (27) Milwaukee Bucks 2-7 Nate Wolters out of South Dakota State, leads the team with 5.1 APG. 30 (30) Utah Jazz 1-10 Derrick Favors posted three double-doubles in their four games this week.