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Thursday, 14 November 2013 02:39

Game #9 Recap: Boston Celtics Lose Against Charlotte Bobcats, 89-83

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Charlotte Bobcats 89, Boston Celtics 83

The Celtics met the Charlotte Bobcats in Boston after a 15-point win Monday night against the Orlando Magic. On a 4-game win streak, Boston looked to keep that streak alive tonight against Charlotte; however it became apparent quickly in this game that Charlotte was not going to make it easy.

Boston shot horribly to start the game, missing 64 percent of the shots they took in the first quarter.

Former Celtic Al Jefferson always shows up in games against the team that drafted him, and tonight was no different. He scored eight points for the Bobcats in the first quarter, leading to a 6-point lead for the Bobcats (27-21) heading into the second quarter.

The second quarter raised questions regarding Jordan Crawford. The pass-first Crawford we'd delightfully seen in the past few games disappeared tonight with the old, shoot-first Crawford in his place. Now, it becomes a matter of which Crawford we'll see from night to night.

Jeff Green and Avery Bradley took over for the Celtics, scoring a combined 19 points; however, the Green-Bradley combination was ineffective in shutting Charlotte down. Charlotte had an 8-point advantage at halftime (51-43).

Boston hacked at Charlotte's lead during the third quarter; however, by the end of the quarter, the Celtics were right where they started, down by seven (71-64).

The Celtics flirted with taking the lead in the fourth quarter, cutting the Bobcats' point advantage to 3 points multiple times, but were unfortunately unable to take the lead in this game.

Down five, a glimmer of hope came with 32 seconds left on the clock with a running jumpshot by Jordan Crawford as he was fouled by Kemba Walker. Crawford made the freethrow, cutting the Cats' lead to 2 points.

The Celtics attempted to prevent the Bobcats from scoring on the other end of the floor, which they did... partially. Boston prevented a Kemba Walker jumpshot only to make way for an Al Jefferson rebound and layup, putting the Bobcats back up by four points.

After a short timeout by the Celtics, Avery Bradley was unable to handle the ball and turned it over to the Bobcats. The game was downhill from there. 

The game ended with a foul by Jeff Green on Gerald Henderson, which Henderson made both freethrows, and a missed 3-point attempt by Green.

Though the Celtics played hard toward the end of the game, they were unable to makeup for their less than ideal start and loss against the Charlotte Bobcats with a final score of 89-83. Al Jefferson and Gerald Henderson were the point leaders for Charlotte, Jefferson with 22 points and Henderson with 13 points while Jeff Green and Jordan Crawford led Boston, Green with 19 points and Crawford with 16 points. The Celtics have one day off before their game in Boston against the Portland Trailblazers on Friday night.



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