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Tuesday, 12 November 2013 05:23

NBA Power Rankings: Week 3

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My NBA Power Power Rankings are a a little late this week, but it's no surprise that the last remaining undefeated team -- the Indiana Pacers -- are in the #1 spot. It looks like they're bent on getting the top seed in the East for the playoffs and I'm not sure who's going to stop them at the moment.

The Boston Celtics made the biggest jump, up 18 spots (and not just because of two games vs the Magic of late) to #12, after winning four in a row. The Celtics and Phoenix Suns continue to defy the early season tanking predictions.

The New York Knicks fell the furthest, down 12 spots to #26. Outside of Carmelo Anthony, I have no idea what I'm getting from anyone on that team on a nightly basis. That's troubling.

Rank (LW) Team Record Reasoning 1 (1) Indiana Pacers 8-0 Who was the first person to buy Paul George stock? I want them to take all my money to Vegas. 2 (8) San Antonio Spurs 7-1 Danny Green just went 11-18 from three in his last two games. NBA Finals form. 3 (9) Oklahoma City Thunder 5-1 Kevin Durant scoring more than 30 points a game? You can win a lot of games like that. Especially when he's giving you 7.3 RPG and 4.3 APG. 4 (7) Miami Heat 4-3 LeBron James is complaining of a sore back. At some point, he might have to get shut down to rest up. That's when I'll start to get a little worried. 5 (3) Minnesota Timberwolves 5-3 Guess who's leading the NBA in John Hollinger's PER? Kevin Love. 6 (6) Portland Trail Blazers 5-2 I really like how 9 players are averaging more than 10.5 minutes per game. 7 (4) Los Angeles Clippers 5-3 Doc Rivers has said he's not worried about the offense. No one is (1st at 110 PPG). But that defense? Yikes (27th allowing 106.3PPG). 8 (2) Houston Rockets 5-3 James Harden has flopped twice and it cost him $5,000. 9 (16) Phoenix Suns 5-2 I will not buy into the Suns...I will not buy into the Suns...ah screw it, I'm (almost) there. I wonder if the Suns would mold the Morris twins into a single player if they could get the combined production of 25.6 PPG, 12.8 RPG, 3.10 SPG? 10 (5) Golden State Warriors 4-3 The question is can Klay Thompson carry the load when Stephen Curry misses games for his ankles. 11 (12) Dallas Mavericks 4-3 Yes, the team is playing well, but I love how Durant called Dirk one of his favorite players ever. 12 (30) Boston Celtics 4-4 Jeff Green might be finally coming into his own after drilling a game-winning three-pointer over LeBron this past weekend to beat the Heat. Four wins in a row has the Celtics well out the trenches of the league. 13 (24) Atlanta Hawks 4-3 I honestly didn't think Jeff Teague could be the 2nd best player on a playoff team. I was wrong. He's 2nd in the NBA in assists, averaging 9.8 per game. 14 (19) Chicago Bulls 3-3 Luol Deng is probably the most underrated player of the last five years. He's one of the most versatile small forwards in the NBA and continually takes on the task of guarding some of the best talents the league as to offer. 15 (10) Philadelphia 76ers 4-4 We all knew their 3-0 start wouldn't last. 16 (20) Memphis Grizzlies 3-4 The Grizzlies have yet to string together consecutive wins. 17 (29) Washington Wizards 2-4 Bradley Beal is as good as advertised. 26.7 PPG in his last three games. 18 (21) New Orleans Pelicans 3-4 I'm not sure if I'm just not reading or listening to right people but Anthony Davis is better than I could have imagined he'd be at this point in his career. 19 (15) L.A. Lakers 3-5 That was a nice little start to the season, but you can't sustain a winning record with production only from your bench. 20 (13) Brooklyn Nets 2-4 Kevin Garnett looks his age finally but Brook Lopez is quite possibly the best center in the East. 21 (11) Detroit Pistons 2-4 They've endured one of the toughest stretches to start a season and had a rough week. Yet still, they kept their losses to under 10 points vs three of the top-six teams in this week's power rankings. 22 (27) Cleveland Cavaliers 3-5 Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters are struggling mightily from the field to start the year, neither shooting 40%. 23 (18) Orlando Magic 3-5 No team corrals more rebounds (47.7 RPG) but they've also lost to the Celtics twice in a week. 24 (26) Charlotte Bobcats 3-4 Bismack Biyombo might never turn into an offensive force...err...presence, but he should always grab rebounds! He paces the team with 8.2 RPG this season. Now just improve upon that 1.33 blocks per game average. 25 (17) Toronto Raptors 3-5 For what it's worth the Raptors are allowing just 93.9 PPG, 4th best in the NBA. 26 (14) New York Knicks 2-4 MIke Woodson has every reason to rip his team's effort or lack thereof. 27 (22) Milwaukee Bucks 2-3 O J. Mayo leads the way and as his last name suggests, the team is incredibly bland. 28 (25) Denver Nuggets 2-4 And you thought the Nuggets' season was bad without Gallinari. They just found out JaVale McGee will be sidelined indefinitely after suffering a stress fracture in his left tibia. I broke mine in 6th grade. It's very painful. 29 (23) Sacramento Kings 1-5 I'm still not giving up on this team, but not a single player is shooting even 50% from the field. 30 (28) Utah Jazz 0-8 Still winless and I've seen rumors of a return by Jerry Sloan. No way he comes back to a team this bad.