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Friday, 08 November 2013 02:24

Boston Celtics Update the Condition of Rajon Rondo

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The Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said Thursday that star PG Rajon Rondo has been cleared by team doctors for limited contact activities.  However, this does not mean he can return to full-contact and full-team workouts, at least not yet.


On his weekly radio appearance on 98.5 Danny updated Rondo’s condition by saying:

 "Rondo is practicing, he's been cleared to have some contact, like 1-on-1, but not 5-on-5 full-court practice yet," said Ainge. "We’re just taking it week by week right now, but he's not ready to come back this week. I'm not sure when he'll be cleared, but he's working really hard and we're anxious to get him ready to go."


Rondo went down with the ACL injury in January, during a game against the Pistons in Detriot.  His presence on the team is certainly being missed right now, as the Celtics sit 1-4 at the bottom of the Eastern Conference Standings.


He was fitted for a knee brace recently, which he claimed was very light.  It allows him to move well, able to compete in small drills that will start helping him prepare for a return to 5 v 5 action. 


No exact timetable has been released for when he will return, but this is certainly a great step. 

Stay with CLNSRadio.com for the latest updates on Rondo's condition.

Kyle Souza

I began writing for CLNS Radio in February of 2013.  I am a Celtics fan, and often live-tweet game updates.  You can also find me talking a lot about Nascar.  You can follow me on Twitter @KyleSouza2 or on Facebook with Kyle Souza.  CLNS Radio Nascar writer.