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Tuesday, 05 November 2013 19:27

Tony Allen to the Boston Celtics: it will get better

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Tony Allen and the Memphis Grizzlies came in to Boston Monday night and defeated the Celtics 96-88. It was the fourth straight loss to begin the season for the C’s.

Newly-hired head coach Brad Stevens is still looking for his first win, all-star Rajon Rondo is sidelined with an injury, and future hall of famers Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are now in Brooklyn. The list goes on and on.

To put it nicely, things are pretty dismal in Boston.

Allen, however, took time to shed a positive light on things after the game. The former Celtic remembers the days of losing very vividly, and offered some advice.

“With me and Paul [Pierce], we always had the attitude that, ‘Hey, it’s just temporary, nothing bad is going to last forever,’ ” Allen said of the 2006-07 season.

During the course of that year, The Celtics lost a franchise-record 18 straight games on way to going 24-58 overall.

The next year Danny Ainge traded for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, and Boston was back in the thick of things.

“Sure enough, it didn’t last too long because the next year, we won the championship,” Allen added with a laugh.

Allen, who played six seasons with the Celtics, also added that things will become a lot easier for the C’s once Rondo returns.

“I saw Rondo go from a real quiet guy to actually a star,” said Allen, who played four seasons with Rondo. “I always saw the potential in him. I always saw the quickness. I always saw the speed, the court vision he had. I always knew that had he gotten the opportunity, he was going to be able to show the world and he did that.”

Allen also spoke of the injury Rondo suffered last season, one in which he sustained early in his career.

He offered one piece of advice: take your time.