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Monday, 04 November 2013 16:31

Tommy Heinsohn, Charles Barkley & Kenny Smith on the Legend of Bill Russell

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After moving speeches from Tommy Heinsohn, David Stern and Russell himself, the Chuckster, Kenny the Jet and Jojo White were among the NBA legends to reflect on Russell's life and career. Also included are the best of Russell's speech, Bill Walton's fascinating interview with CLNS and the unveiling of the statue itself.


Jared Weiss

Jared Weiss is the Celtics Locker Room Reporter and Host of The Garden Report: Celtics Post Game Show on Celtics Blog and CLNS Radio. J Weiss hosts The Block Party on Thursday nights at 8 PM and enjoys long walks on the beach while watching Rajon Rondo game footage. You can reach J Weiss at JWeiss@clnsradio.com and @CLNS_JaredWeiss.