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Thursday, 17 October 2013 21:39

Danny Ainge wanted to play Jimmy Chitwood in Hoosiers?

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Yes. You read that correctly. Danny Ainge told, actor Maris Valainis (Jimmy Chitwood) that "I'm gonna take your spot in the movie [Hoosiers]..." 

Segment starts at 12:15 point of interview.

Originally Recorded in July of 2013...

Those that are not yet familiar with Ty Ray and Nick Gelso's resumes, you should know that it all started with sports.

Gelso is the co-founder of CLNS Radio, a Boston sports podcast network, and a top personality on the Boston Celtics post game show.

Ray is a 20 year veteran of Denver, sports TV and radio. As a combined dream, Ty and Nick wanted to talk with Maris Valainis, a.k.a Jimmy Chitwood, from the classic basketball movie, Hoosiers.

Maris stopped by the virtual lounge very early on in the Beats and Eats project. We've decided as a Thursday bonus, we'd upload our conversation with Valainis as a B&E Bite.


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