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Monday, 30 September 2013 21:11

Boston Celtics Media Day: What You Need to Know

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Wallace Arrives

·      Gerald Wallace has arrived in Boston and reported to Celtics training camp today. He is the last of the four players from the trade with Brooklyn to show his face as a Celtic.

·      The 6-foot-7, 220 lbs. small forward was traded to Boston in exchange for Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry in early July.

·      When asked where he has been hiding all summer long Wallace smiled and replied by saying “at home, with my family.”

·      He also squashed any rumors that indicated he wasn’t looking forward to being a member of the Celtics. “I’m very happy to be here,” Wallace said. “A lot of people said I didn’t want to come, didn’t want to be here, didn’t want to be a part of it – and that’s so far from the truth.”

·      Wallace admitted that the trade surprised him, but that he never had any objections to coming to Boston. “It had nothing to do with Boston,” he reiterated. “I’m actually happy to be here. Besides, I’m a Red Sox and Patriots fan. It’s a fresh start.”

·      Wallace also indicated that he looks forward to playing with point guard Rajon Rondo, saying that he loves his style and attitude.


Sullinger Speaks

·      Forward Jared Sullinger spoke out on a few different issues today, the first being his back. Sullinger told the media that he has been cleared for full contact since mid-August.

·      When asked about being close to basketball shape the second-year player responded, “not close. Being out for six months, and not playing basketball, it’s really tough. I’ve got a lot of work to do, and only training camp can help that.”

·      Danny Ainge echoed what Sullinger said, also adding that the former first-round pick had a lot of time to get back into shape.

·      Sullinger also spoke out in regards to his linger issue in court, saying “It’s a legal matter, only time will tell. It’s not really a distraction.”


Green’s Attitude

·      Jeff Green may have provided the single best quote of the day, saying that he remembers former teammate Kevin Garnett telling him he needed to be more passionate.

·      “I’m going to continue to heed the words of Kevin Garnett - be aggressive, be an a**hole,” Green said. “Yes, I said a**hole.”


“Positionless Basketball”

·      First-year Coach Brad Stevens talked a lot about the versatility of his team on Monday, saying that the team will focus on stretching the floor and being able to play many different positions.

·      "The best part of the Jeff Greens of the world, the Gerald Wallaces of the world, is that you can play a lot of different guys around them,” Stevens said.

·      Stevens also emphasized defense multiple times throughout the day, saying “that’s the best team bonding exercise you can have is to be tough defensively.”


Rondo’s Role

·      Danny Ainge’s was one of the first aired interviews today on Celtics.com, and he had much to say about Rajon Rondo. When asked about who would lead the team this year Ainge responded with this:

·      “Obviously Rondo is the leader of this team. I don't think a decision has been made on who will be the captain yet but he's the player who's had the most success.”

·      In other news, Rondo reportedly invited the whole team over to his house for a dinner prior to the start of training camp, adding to the notion that he will eventually become the team’s official captain later on.


KG and Pierce Speak:

·      The Brooklyn Nets also held their media day today, and Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce spoke a bit about life after Boston.

·      “I came here to win a championship,” Pierce said. “I don’t even want to see a banner if we win the division. The expectations have grown.”

·      KG on being traded along with Pierce: “We’re here to win another ring, that’s why we came to Brooklyn.”

·      Garnett also briefly addressed the conversation he had with Jason Kidd, where the coach talked about having the aging forward not play back-to-backs: “It didn’t go well,” Garnett said.