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Monday, 23 September 2013 18:10

The Captain always returns to the Ship

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When people from the Boston area hear the word “Pierce” or the word “Truth”, the first thing they think of is the former captain of the Boston Celtics, Paul Pierce.  The Truth was so important not only to the Boston Celtics franchise, but to the Boston area has well.


Pierce brought up a great point the other day, one that I have never given thought to, but it struck me funny. He stated “ultimately what I would like to do is have a business in Boston, maybe like a sports bar. None of the former Celtic great players have come and done that. I thought about it, and why hasn’t anyone come and opened up a nice resteraunt? You see the Don Shula resteraunt, the Michael Jordan resteraunt, and Magic Johnson has the theaters in LA. Why nobody here? All this history, all these championships and love, why has nobody done that? I am going to still have relationships here. I’m always going to come to this city. Every year, when I’m done, I’m going to have a reason to come here. Or maybe as a front office executive, who knows? I may be working for Wyc Grousebeck or Danny Ainge. A lot of players don’t understand it. I’ve always understood it, I’ve made money here, built relationships, won a championship here, I thank yall for everything y’all gave me. “


Paul Pierce might not be suiting up in green this season, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love the city or fans anymore. Many were angry with Ainge when he made the blockbuster trade that sent Pierce, KG, and Terry to Brooklyn, but understand it was the best move for the franchise, and Pierce. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that Pierce will never be back to Boston, as you can see that Pierce will always reside in Boston, which is something that we all should have expected.