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Friday, 13 September 2013 19:04

Report: Boston Celtics Do Not Have a Time Table for Rajon Rondo's Return

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According to Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe, Boston Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens said today that there is no timetable set for when Rajon Rondo might return to action. 

As you know, Rondo tore/ruptured his ACL back in late January of this year during a regular season bout with the Atlanta Hawks. The mercurial point guard then went on to have surgery in early February and, fortunately, the procedure proved to be successful. But despite the success of that surgery, Rondo has yet to participate in any major basketball related activities to this point in the offseason. Of course, you could count some light shooting as working out but those "jumpers" are more like set shots. 

With that said, though, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that Rondo is still sidelined. 

On average, it usually takes an athlete about a year to fully recover from an injury such as this. However, you might argue that the rehabilitation process can move more rapidly in some cases (see Peterson, Adrian). But Peterson is the exception, not the rule. In other cases, rehabbing can last longer than a year (see Rose, Derrick). Each player's body is different and it's crucial for the athlete to trust in the rehabbing process so as to avoid both setbacks and relapses. 

Fortunately, Rondo doesn't seem to be in any rush back. Whether he is ready to go on opening night or doesn't come back until late December/early January is completely irrelevant. And judging by the way the Celtics organization has approached questions on the return of Rondo, they truly aren't even sure themselves. Danny Ainge originally said it would be opening night but Jared Sullinger then turned around and said his point guard would return in December. Ainge later retracted his first statement and told the media that he "has no idea." In essence, Stevens all but solidified Ainge's most recent statement when he added his two cents earlier this afternoon. 

Having not even the slightest clue hinting at when number 9 will lace up his sneakers for the first time since the injury, our best bet is to just sit tight -- as hard as that may be -- and wait until the team gets a chance to evaluate him further at training camp. We may not know of his status until the day before his first action. 

Tim MacLean

Tim MacLean is a Celtics beat reporter for CLNS Radio and has appeared on some of our radio shows, such as King of the Court.

Tim is a second year student at Merrimack College and is currently majoring in communications with a minor in public and professional writing. In addition to editing and publishing on his own website, Tim is currently an intern at Comcast Sportsnet where he works amongst both behind-the-scenes employees and some of CSNNEā€™s most well-known writers. His favorite memory was seeing the Celtics defeat Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls at the TD Garden which, at the time, was the Fleet Center.

Visit his website for all of his other work: celticsspot.com.

Follow him on Twitter: @TimMacLean_