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Friday, 09 August 2013 20:54

Paul Pierce hints he'll skip preseason tilt with Boston Celtics

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Photo courtesy of CelticsTown.com

If Boston Celtics fans were hoping to catch a glimpse of Paul Pierce in a Brooklyn Nets uniform during the preseason when the two teams duke it out on October 23, then they will be disappointed. Appearing on ESPN Radio in New York on Thursday, Pierce hinted that he will skip the preseason contest and wait until the Nets and Celtics meet each other in Beantown for a regular season affair.

"I'll [return to Boston] just one time next year," said Pierce, suggesting he'll wait for a Jan. 26 visit.

Pierce also noted that he is warming up to his scenery. That did not seem to be the case last month as he looked out-of-sorts and uncomfortable at his introductory press conference, but now it appears that Pierce is adapting to the change.

"I'm really settling in nicely and just embracing the change and looking forward to it," he said.

Emotions are sure to be high when the ten-time All Star returns to the place where his career took flight, both for Pierce and for the fans that supported him through his 16 years in Celtic Green. That among other things will make for an interesting storyline leading up to when to the two teams’ hit the parquet floor in January.